The Central Conference of American Rabbis Opposes Anti-Israel Resolution Approved by U.N. Security Council

Friday,  December 23, 2016

The Central Conference of American Rabbis expresses strong disagreement with today's Security Council Resolution targeting Israel, while also affirming its opposition to the Israeli settlement policy and its support for a two state solution.

The CCAR has frequently criticized the current Israeli settlement policy as an obstacle to peace.  At the same time, the United Nations is not the arena in which to address these complex issues. Peace negotiations belong between the two parties involved.  Further, the U.N.'s obsessive and relentless criticism of Israel, while ignoring the unspeakable repression committed by illegitimate regimes and terrorist organizations worldwide, falsely and maliciously labels Israel uniquely as a pariah state.  

For almost eight years, the Obama Administration has recognized the U.N.'s unjust targeting of the Jewish State by routinely vetoing every anti-Israel resolution heretofore brought to the Security Council. Today's abstention, therefore, leaves us dismayed, disappointed and angry.


Rabbi Denise L. Eger                         Rabbi Steven A. Fox
President                                          Chief Executive


      Central Conference of American Rabbis