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A full menu of traditional and innovative blessings for life's sacred moments.

Carry this collection of daily blessings to help express your appreciation for experiences, encounters, and more.  Complete with Hebrew, transliteration, translation, and audio files of each prayer being clearly read in Hebrew. This app contains both traditional and contemporary blessings.


  • Audio for each Blessing in Hebrew
  • Bookmark Blessings for quick access
  • Search for Blessings by title or English content

Judaism teaches us that for every bite we eat, breath we take, and event we witness, we must set aside a moment of blessing to thank God for the opportunity to enjoy such gifts.  The Talmudic sages determined that every individual is responsible for reciting 100 b’rachot a day (M’nachot 43b), which may seem daunting until we realize how much we have to be thankful for.