1.     How do I order from CCAR Press?
To order from CCAR Press, you can either:
•    place an order on our secure website,
•    call our order department at 212-972-3636 x243
•    fax an order to 212-692-0819 
•    email an order to

2.     Where do I send check payments for CCAR Press book orders and invoices?

Please note that this address is for CCAR Press check payments only.

Central Conference of American Rabbis
PO Box 418185
Boston, MA 02241-8185

3.     Does CCAR Press offer discounts?
Discounts of 20% are offered on congregational orders and to members of the CCAR for CCAR Prayerbooks.  For discount schedules on trade titles, please call.
Wholesalers and distributors are invited to call for discount schedules.
Occasionally special discounts are offered.  These are made available on the website.

Please note that discounts do not apply to electronic books or certain short-run books.

4.    Does CCAR Press offer electronic books?
Yes, the CCAR is proud to offer many of our books in electronic format.  A large selection of CCAR Press books, including out-of-print classics, are available as fully searchable and bookmarkablepdf’s on our ebook site:  These pdfs can be downloaded and viewed on your computer, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and many other devices.

Many of our books are also available as Kindle books.  To download those books, go to Amazon directly.

We also have some books available for other electronic devices including the Nook, Sony Reader, Android, and iPad/iPhone, and will continue to add  more in the future.

5.    Where can I get more information about Mishkan T’filah and using it in my congregation?
There are many online resources available at
These resources include answers to frequently-asked-questions, journal articles about Mishkan T’filah, implementation ideas from our colleagues, practical suggestions, ways to introduce Mishkan T’filah into your congregation, study material—and much more.

CCAR Press is pleased to be able to match you up with a colleague or congregation who have already made the switch to Mishkan T’filah, so that you can learn from their experience.  If you would like more information about this, please email  In addition, the Union for Reform Judaism occasionally sponsors webinars for congregations related to the use of Mishkan T’filah

6.    Where can I get more information about the forthcoming CCAR Machzor (High Holy Day prayer book)?
Materials related to the development of the Machzor can be found at xxxx.  New material will be posted as the process develops.  For information about being part of the piloting process, please contact Rabbi Peter Berg at

7.    Does CCAR Press accept unsolicited submissions?
CCAR Press publishes primarily Jewish liturgy and resources for rabbis, scholars, congregations and the Jewish Community.  Most of our publications are created in-house.  However, we do occasionally consider an unsolicited submission.  You are welcome to submit a preliminary query to  Please understand that it can take 4-6 weeks to receive a response to a query.  If there is sufficient interest, you will then be asked to submit a formal proposal. 

Please also note the following:
•    We do not work with agents.
•    We do not publish memoirs, fiction, plays, textbooks, or children’s books (other than liturgy).
•    We are not able to discuss submissions by phone, or to provide critiques.

8.    How can I contact the editors of The CCAR Journal: The Reform Jewish Quarterly?
Susan Laemmle, editor:
Laurence Edwards, book review editor:
Adam Fisher, poetry editor:

9.    How can I subscribe to The CCAR Journal: The Reform Jewish Quarterly?
We welcome subscriptions from individuals and institutions: The Reform Jewish Quarterly

10.    How do I find out more about supporting a CCAR publication?
Our publications are made possible by the thoughtfulness and generosity of those who are interested in supporting our ability to publish important resources for the Jewish community. Please contact Rabbi Hara Person,, for more information.

11.    How do I submit a request to reprint material from a CCAR publication?
A downloadable Permission Request Form.

Please fax your request to: 212-692-0819 or email

Every attempt will be made to respond within 4-6 weeks.

12.    Is it okay to copy material from a CCAR publication?
It is only acceptable to do so with express, written permission from CCAR Press.  To do otherwise is a copyright violation, which is both unethical and illegal.  This applies to copying for any reason, including educational purposes.

To receive permission to copy material, please submit this form:

Please fax your request to: 212-692-0819 or email

Every attempt will be made to respond within 4-6 weeks.

13.    How can I learn more about projecting services?
The CCAR Press is pleased to be able to offer projected services, or Visual T’filah to rabbis, cantors, congregations and institutions.  Both ready-made and customizable Visual T’filah are available.  The CCAR Press also offers consulting in the area of Visual T’filah.  These services include suggestions of how to set up your sanctuary, equipment purchases, and introducing the congregation to this mode of worship.  For more information, go to

14.    Shipping
Orders are shipped via UPS.  Shipping and handling charges will be invoiced when the order is processed.

15.    How do I return books, if necessary?
Please return all books to our warehouse at address below. Permission is required on all returns. Please call the CCAR Press before returning any books.
Note: Not all books are returnable.

CCAR Press
c/o PBD – Philadelphia Facility
ATTN:  Receiving Department
400 Schell Lane
Suite 410
Phoenixville, PA 19460