Prayers & Blessings
Prayers and Readings For...

Natural Disasters 
Prayers and readings for approaching hurricanes, fires, strength and healing, loss, and embracing life.

September 11th
These prayers and readings were compiled by the Central Conference of American Rabbis and the Union for Reform Judaism for use in congregational worship and interfaith assemblies. 

To give voice to our communal sorrow and hopes for peace we present Prayers for the State of Israel, Prayers On Behalf of Israeli Defense Forces, Prayers for Peace, Prayers in Song and Modern Readings and Poems on Israel. They may be added to your Shabbat worship, read at home or used to create a “liturgy” for a communal gathering in support of Israel. 

World Conflict
Among the resources in this section are material to help understand world conflict and gain an overview of issues; text sources to use with teenagers and adults and program lessons for children. 


Social Action Blessing Card

Biblical Texts on Fire