Resources for Tragic Events


Helping Children Understand Tragedy  1

Books  1

Gun Violence and Gun Control Resources  1

Responses to the Boston Marathon Bombing  2

Responses to the Tragedy at Sandy Hook   2

Responses to the Tragedy at Newtown   3



Coming Together After Tragedy | Rabbi Edythe Held Mencher

What Community Members Can Do to Cope with Violence and Disasters

The Jewish View on Weapons | Rabbi Marc Katz


Helping Children Understand Tragedy

Parenting Thoughts: Helping Kids Cope with Tragedy | Margie Bogdanow

Simple Pointers for Parents

How can parents talk to children about communal tragedies?

Jewish Education Center of Cleveland’s “Responding to Crisis”



And God Cried Too: A Kid’s Book of Healing and Hope

Explaining Death to Children | Rabbi Earl Grollman

Talking About Death: A Dialogue Between Parent and Child | Rabbi Earl Grollman and Gisela Héau

Responding to Children’s and Adults’ Spiritual Questions and Emotional Needs Following Frightening Tragedies |Rabbi Edythe Held Mencher

The Jewish Bereavement Project

A National Tragedy: Helping Children to Cope |National Association of School Psychologists


Gun Violence and Gun Control Resources

CCAR Resolution on Ending Gun Violence

The RAC’s resource page on gun control

Jewish Texts on gun control | collected by Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz

Statement from Marian Wright Edelman, President of the Children’s Defense Fund  

Open Letter to President Obama: Today is the Day to Stop Gun Violence | PICO

RAC: Gun Violence Prevention Background - NFTY Nechina 2015

How to Take Dangerous, High-Capacity Ammunition Off Our Streets

Gun Control vs. Gun Rights | Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz

Sh’ma issue dedicated to gun violence and gun control


Responses to the Boston Marathon Bombing 

Boston Marathon Tragedy: We Still Heal | Laura Baum

The Boston Marathon Tragedy: One Mom’s Chain of Events | Rachel Blaufeld

Shattered Glass | Margie Bogdanow

Bring on the Next Marathon | Thomas Friedman 

What Israeli Resilience Can Teach Us After the Boston Marathon Explosions | Neal Gold 

A Mother’s Mind after the Boston Marathon Bombing  |Liz Gumbinner 

The Day I Went to the Boston Marathon: From Inspiration to Anger | Rachel Gurevitz 

God’s Love Wins: Reflections on Boston Marathon Bombing | Emily C. Heath 

The T Words | Bill Keller 

Psalm 46 and the Boston Marathon | Rob Lee 

Prayers After the Boston Marathon Tragedy | Jason Miller 

All of Us are Boston Marathon Runners | Evan Moffic 

A Buddhist Meditation Practice for the Boston Marathon Tragedy | Lodro Rinzler 

Boston Marathon: A Runner Remembers | Sandip Roy 

Living Through Terror, in Rawalpindi and Boston | Haider Javed Warraich 

Liturgical Responses to the Boston Marathon Bombing

Responses to the Tragedy at Sandy Hook

Remarks by President Obama at Sandy Hook Interfaith Prayer Vigil | Text | Video

Where Was God?  Is It Fair to Ask? | Rabbi Marci N. Bellows

God’s Tears Are Our Own: How To Respond to the Horror of the School Shooting in Connecticut | Rabbi Evan Moffic

Between Despair and Outrage, a sermon | Rabbi Josh Davidson

Five Responses to the Tragedy in Newtown | by Barbara Weinstein

Laws, Not Words, Can Ease Pain of Newtown | Rabbi Andy Bachman

Sandy Hook Elementary National Sympathy Card

Snowflake drive and address for donations

The RAC urges for gun control in the wake of shooting at Sandy Hook


Responses to the Tragedy at Newtown

Liturgical responses