Personal Resources & Chevruta


Rabbis Caring for Rabbis

The CCAR is committed to supporting its members personally as well as professionally.   When a rabbi needs help to address personal issues and challenges related to everything from family dysfunction to addiction to poverty, they may turn to a variety of CCAR services.  CCAR Rabbinic Staff remains available to assist you with any issue you may be facing.

Sharing Our Lives  Share information about you and your family by writing to  You may read about your colleagues’ personal lives, including life events (births, marriages, deaths) and professional achievements (awards, promotions, new positions) on Sharing Our Lives at the website and also in the CCAR Newsletter.

Crisis Support (Addiction & Recovery and Rapid Response) Experienced CCAR staff are available at all times to answer a member rabbi’s cry for immediate help in a crisis.   A cadre of trained therapists and specialists has been recruited for referral to help rabbis address their addiction problems.

Colleagues-on-Call for Colleagues:  Through this service the CCAR provides you the opportunity to speak with carefully selected and trained CCAR members, Colleagues-on-Call (CoC). Any member who feels the need may reach out to speak with one of the Colleagues-on-Call.
Resources for Underemployed and Unemployed:  During these challenging times, the CCAR’s elected leadership and staff are enhancing support networks to assist unemployed and underemployed rabbis. Among other things, the CCAR is organizing support groups led by experienced individuals at no cost to CCAR rabbis; offering pro-bono coaches and spiritual directors and one-on-one consulting to develop new technology skills; coaching and advice on rethinking one’s rabbinic career path and the reshaping of a resume; and an open conference call on “Looking at Community-Based Rabbinic Career Options”. If you have other suggestions, would like to volunteer your time or have access to professionals who may be willing to volunteer their time to assist rabbis, please let us know at the CCAR office (
Mentoring and Coaching Support: Mentoring arrangements and coaching referrals are also available to colleagues.

Referrals for Specialized Consults in the area of sermon writing, public presentation, technology, spiritual direction, and career transitions please feel free to contact 

Group Discussion: Rav Kav is an ongoing, moderated on-line conversation open to all members around wide-ranging personal, professional and religious issues of importance to rabbis.

Relief and Subvention: The CCAR Hesed and NAORRR Mitzvah fund, provides assistance to CCAR rabbis and their family members.   Poor, older rabbis and widows receive stipends that pay for housing and food. Others of working age who are between jobs, or are otherwise struggling financially due to illness or disability, receive funds that enable them to pay crucial bills.

Hoping to learn from colleagues who have prevailed over an illness or other personal hardship such as divorce?  Contact

Short Term Counseling

“I think I need to change jobs, but I am struggling to move forward”

“I can’t seem to move past my grief over my father’s death”

“My recent review was very critical and I’m not sure how to react”

“My rabbinic partner is facing an ethics violation, and I feel betrayed”

Rex Perlmeter, MSW, is the CCAR Special Advisor for Member Care and Wellness. Rex is available for a limited number of counseling sessions for rabbis and family members who are facing personal or professional issues such as transition, loss, illness or struggles with difficult individuals. He can be reached

Spiritual Direction

Rex Perlmeter, MSW, CCAR Special Advisor for Member Care and Wellness, is a trained spiritual director. The director acts as a companion as you discern where God is showing up, even when you might not have noticed, and is a witness to the process of discernment that can take place when we open ourselves to the Divine. Through this process, awareness may expand and help us better to feel Holy Presence in all the paths of our lives, including the painful and the joy-filled. He can be reached at