Compensation and Benefit Studies

2014–2015 Study of Rabbinic Compensation

The 2014–2015 Study of Rabbinic Compensation is a partnership program undertaken by the CCAR and the URJ as a service to URJ congregations and CCAR rabbis, with the assistance of the Reform Pension Board (“RPB”). The study was conducted by an independent actuarial firm, Buck Consultants, LLC, a Xerox Company.

To read more, download the full text here: 2014-2015 Study of Rabbinic Compensation


CCAR's Study of Compensation of Rabbis By Gender: A Project of the Central Conference of American Rabbis

CCAR's 2012-2013 Study of Compensation by Gender will be completed shortly. The 2010-2011 study remains available: 2010-2011 Study of Rabbinic Compensation by Gender


2013 Survey of Health Insurance Premiums in URJ Congregations for CCAR Rabbis

The latest joint study between the CCAR and URJ from the CCAR and URJ examines health insurance offered to full-time senior and solo rabbis, assistant rabbis and associate rabbis serving the smallest to the largest Reform congregations in North America.  Survey data confirms that the vast majority of URJ congregations lead by CCAR rabbis offer to pay health insurance premiums for their rabbis, the rabbis’ spouse/partner, and the rabbis’ family.

A Survey of Health Insurance Premiums in URJ Congregations for CCAR Rabbis (275.3 KB)

A note on confidentiality

To maintain the confidentiality of congregations and rabbis, the RPB maintained control of the individual data given to the actuarial consultant throughout the process. No data reflecting individual participants was revealed to the URJ or the CCAR.