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and live fetus study RRT 256-260
for pregnant woman with German measles LXVIII(l958) 120-122 (RRR 188-193; ARR 541-543)
for Tay-Sachs fetus (see Tay-Sachs program)
HaArets, 11/21/79
(see also Convert, pregnant)
of an anencephalic fetus NARR 253
to save siblings from suffering TFN no.5755.13 171-176
when is permitted XCV(1985), 252-55 (CARR 23-27)
Adopted child/ren,
and their biological parents XCIII(1983), 196-198 (CARR 57-59)
born non-Jews, status of in Jewish family LXVI(1956) 107-110 (ARR)
changing Hebrew name of, after b'rit milah, XCVIII (1988) 155-156 (JRJ, Fall 1988, 71-72; NARR 187-188)
conversion for RR21 no. 5759.1
necessary steps for conversion LXXXIX(1979) 112-115 (ARR 203-207)
special Hebrew names for LXXXIX(1979) 112-115 (ARR 203-207)
specific ritual for Hebrew naming of LXXXIX(1979) 112-115 (ARR 203-207)
status (`Jewishness') of NARR 185-187
status of, if enrolled in Hebrew school CuRR 220-221
status of, in Judaism LXXXIX(1979) 112-115 (ARR 203-207), TFN no.5753.12 201-207
Adoption RR 200-206
an adopted Asian child RR21 no. 5760.9
and mixed marriage CARR 61
baptism of adopted child before (see Baptism)
by kohanim CoRR 145-150
of children of mixed races CuRR 196-199
status of in Judaism LXXXIX(1979) 112-115 (ARR 203-207), TFN no.5753.12 201-207
two problems CoRR 86-90
Adoption agency,
priorities of an CARR 59-61
and adult Bar/Bat Mitsvah XCIX(1989) 239 (NARR 45-47)
and marriage CARR 286-287
and conversion to Judaism TFN no.5754.15 147-152
Agunot NARR 374-377
AIDS (see Epidemics)
and a dentist NARR 271-272
and circumcision NARR 164-165
and free needles for drug addicts NARR 273-274
and taharah NARR 279-281
responsibility of a carrier XCVIII (1988) 153-155 (JRJ, Spring 1988, 81-83; NARR 267-270)
Aliyah (to Sefer Torah)
and congregational dues JRJ, Fall 1984, 57 (CARR 222-223)
error in reciting Torah blessings during, at Bar Mitsvah MRR 56-61
gentile bridegroom called for TRR 7-9
mandatory wearing of talit for NRR 20-23
reciting Torah blessings during in English CARR 198-199
role of kohein in Reform Torah readings NARR 36-37
stepfather called up for, at Bar Mitsvah (see Bar Mitsvah)
two brothers called up consecutively for RRT 278-279
unworthy man called up for LXXII(1962) 119-121 (CuRR 62-70; ARR 101-106)
with Hebrew or English name NARR 35-36
woman called up for RR 40-42
Alzheimer's disease XCVI(1986) 230-232 (CARR 144-146)
Amazing Grace CCARJ, Fall 1992, 65-66 (TFN no.5752.11 21-22)
(includes discussion of huqqat ha-goyim)
mercy-killing of an TRR 81-84
for circumcision (see Circumcision)
ceremony NARR 354-356
due to lack of words harei at m'qudeshet li at wedding ceremony NARR 353-354
all-adult, and eviction of couple who had child NRR 236-238
Applause in the Sabbath service (see Shabbat, t'fillot...)
Apostate (see also "Messianic Jew/s"),
as wedding attendant NRR 189-192
attitude to MRR 169-175
burial of an RRR 127-131; CARR 161
circumcising son of TRR 64-65
daughter of, and marriage to Jew (see Marriage)
drifting CARR 105-107
in the synagogue TFN no.5753.13 81-85
patrilineal descent and apostasy RR21 no. 5758.11
qaddish for (see Qaddish)
return of to Judaism CARR 104-105
shiv'ah for CuRR 181-183
status of (children and adults) LXX(1960) 95-99 (RRR 120-127; ARR 195-199)
bowing before MRR 78-82
closing of, when Sefer Torah is taken out RR 43-45
disused NRR 24-27
facing the NARR 33-34
not centered RR 65-68
open during t'fillot CoRR 37-39
open during wedding NRR 182-188
permanent, constructed in Christian Church CARR 220-222
piano in front of LXV(1955) 91 (ARR 63)
portable NARR 73-75
position of synagogue entrance and 184-185 (XXXVII:1927, 203; ARR 64)
rooms behind a synagogue CARR 210-211
Ark curtain (see Parokhet)
located on synagogue's north wall TFN no.5752.4 19-20
see-through fabric for TFN no.5754.20 33-34
Artificial insemination 218-222 (LXII:1952; 123-128; ARR 500-504 (and))
     RR 2l7-218
and the Israeli Chief Rabbinate HaArets 5/14/85
child born through CARR 291-292
Jewish donor for TRR 125-127
with mixed semen NRR 202-204
two questions TRR 102-103
morality of liability suit against manufacturer of (see Defect)
of a couple, in a single urn NARR 304-305
scattered, tombstone for NARR 307-309
scattering, of the dead NARR 306-307
Assisted Suicide,
treatment of the terminally ill TFN no.5754.14 337-364
Athletics and sports CuRR 231-236
in community center, on Shabbat (see Shabbat)
and conversion to Judaism TFN no.5754.15 147-152
Autopsy 1-5 (XXXV:1925, 130-134; ARR 278-283)
for future knowledge CARR 140-142
Shalhevet, March 1981, # 20
for human organs XCVI(1986) 233-235 (CARR 128-132)
and b'rit milah (see B'rit milah, and baptism)
and educating child as a Jew NARR 176-177
and Jewish status RR21 no. 5759.2
of child before adoption by Jewish couple RRR 97-99
of Christian by a Jewish hospital chaplain TFN no.5755.9 153-158
of dying Catholic infant, by Jewish nurse RRR 67-72
Baptized Jewish girl,
return of to Judaism JRJ, Fall 1986, 69-70 (CARR 99-101)
Bar Mitsvah 5-8 (XXIII:1913, 170-173; 183-185; ARR 79-82)
adult, and adultery XCIX(1989) 239 (NARR 45-47)
and baby-naming NARR 51-52
and estranged mother NARR 47-50
and quarreling family CoRR 27-31 (CCARJ, Autumn 1973, 45-48)
at age of twelve CuR 70-74
at home NARR 56-57
at Massada NARR 54-56
at the time of Havdalah RRT 33-39 (CCARJ,Summer 1974, 57-61)
     XCII(1982) 216-218 (ARR 92-94)
certificate for CARR 235-237
Confirmation and NARR 52-54
divorced father at RR 33-34
during the mourning period CARR 239-240
error in reciting Torah blessings at (see Aliyah)
invitations NARR 57-58
non-Jewish participation in XCIII(1983) 201-202 (CARR 240-241)
non-Jewish stepfather at CuRR 91-93
observance prior to age thirteen 5774.2
of a convert CARR 237-238
of mentally-retarded child RRR 23-27
of uncircumcized boy LXXVI(1966) 79-80 (CuR 107-109; ARR 89-91)
on Shabbat afternoon RRR 19-23 (see above, `at the time of Havdalah')
on Shabbat Shuvah TRR 36-38
on Sunday 228-229 (LXIII:1953, 156-157; RR 35-37; ARR 91-92)
on Yizkor days RRT 16-19
on Yom HaKippurim RR 38-40
private Bar/Bat Mitsvah ceremony RR21 no. 5758.9
Reform attitude toward ARR 86-89
service of, on Sunday morning CARR 234-235
stepfather called up for RR 32-34
Bat Mitsvah, XXIII(1913) 183-185 (ARR 82-83)
     LXIV(1954) 81-88 (ARR 83-86): CCARJ, June 1954, 26-27+ RRT 20-24
certificate for CARR 235-237
non-Jewish participation in XCIII(1983), 201-202
observance prior to age thirteen 5774.2
Reform attitude toward ARR 86-89
service of, on Sunday morning CARR 234-235
Ben Zakhar/Ben Zakhor XCVII(1987) 186-87 (abbreviated NARR 192)
Beneficial options TFN no.5753.21 327-330
Beta Yisrael,
and black Jews NARR 206-210
Falashas as Jews CoRR 297-300 (CCARJ, Winter 1973, 56-58)
"Falas Mura," the RR21 no. 5757.3
questioning need for new olim to convert HaArets, 1/23/85
propriety of dance groups performing on MRR 182-183
flags on the TFN no.5753.8 29-32
Birkat HaMazon,
justification for Reform abbreviation NARR 122-124
dates of RRR 148-149
Birth control 8-20 (XXXVII:1927, 369-384; ARR 486-499)
Black Jews,
and Beta Yisrael NARR 206-210
Blind person,
with seeing-eye dog at t'fillot CuRR 74-77
for pets (see Pets, blessing for)
reciting over tube feeding 5771.5
the fleet TFN no.5751.3 159-164
from the dead (see Dead, blood, using of )
human, selling for medical purposes JRJ, Fall 1987, 73-74 (CARR 133-135)
bequeathing parts of CoRR 216-223
donation of, to science RR 130-131
     MRR 278-280
freezing of, for later burial NRR 100-104
infectuous, refusing to handle CoRR 181-184
lost, later found NRR 142-146
lost at sea RR 147-150
parts, mixed before burial (see Burial, body parts...)
position of in grave (see Grave, position...)
preparing for burial on Shabbat (see Shabbat, purification...) quicklime on NRR 117-118
which to bury first (after a gravedigger's strike) CoRR 165-169
ceremony for burial of NARR 309-310
copyright of CoRR 245-252
(see also Sacred texts (proper disposal of), Prayerbooks, assembling and Competition, unfair for
discussion of issues relating to haskama and hasagat g'vul)
Born circumcized (see Nolad mahul)
Bottle feeding RRR 226-230
Bowing and kneeling,
before the Ark (see Ark)
B'rakha l'vatala NARR 124-126
Breast-feeding RRR 226-230
kinship affected by MRR 308-312
pregnant CoRR 64-68 (CCARJ,Winter 1974, 24-26)
impotent MRR 121-127
not seeing bride before wedding (see Wedding, groom...)
wearing sword at wedding (see Wedding, soldier...)
Bride's veil CuRR 188-193
Jewish, at Christian wedding CARR 253-254
not Jewish RR 190-191
B'rit Milah CARR 48
and AIDS NARR 164-165
and baptism NARR 173-174
and caesarean TRR 92-94, NARR 153-155, RR21 no. 5768.4
and induced labor affecting date of NARR 155-156
anesthesia for NARR 163-164
anesthetic for LXXV(1965) 98-101 (CuRR 103-106; ARR 146-149)
before the eigth day RR 90-96, ARR 145-146(see below `not on the eighth day')
changing Hebrew name of adopted child after (see Hebrew name, changing...)
delayed, on Shabbat TFN no.5755.12CARR 165-168
doubts about Soviet NARR 165-166
Elijah and NARR 169-170
for adult converts 39-57 (III:1893, 69-95; ARR 216-237)
     RRT 71-79
for child of unmarried couple NRR 58-61
for child of unmarried mother CuRR 100-102, NARR 151-153
for children of mixed marriages RRR 99-104, MRR 165-169
for dead child RR 96-99
for infants XCII(1982) 218-219 (ARR 141-143)
for Jewish adult RR 100-105
for "Messianic Jews" or "Jewish Christians" XCVIII (1988) 158-159 (NARR 175)
for orphan RRR 91-93
for twins TRR 70-73
horror of, by prospective adult ger TRR 54-58
in the evening NARR 159-161
in the synagogue NARR 158-159
Moslem, rabbi or mohel at (see Rabbi or Mohel)
non-Jew as kvatter at XCVII (1987) 184-85 (NARR 167-169)
not on the eigth day LXIV(1954) 78-79 (CCARJ, January 1954, 38-39; ARR 143-144;
   for a dissenting view see CCARJ, June 1954, 41-42) (see above 'before the eighth day')
on Shabbat, of child born by caesarean NARR 153-155
plate NARR 170
requirement of minyan for NARR 157
role of Godfather in CARR 49-51
who may perform a RR 105-111
without parental consent XCIX(1989) 243-244 (NARR 149-151)
Brother's widow,
marriage with (see Marriage, with brother's widow)
practicing Judaism and TFN no.5752.3 123-126
naming a after a non-JewCARR 216
Building fund,
rebates from NRR 168-174
HaArets 7/31/84 (includes discussion of koho shel hetteir adif)
and doubtful lineage CARR 158-160
and tattooing TRR 119-121
at night RRT 158-162
at sea JRJ, Summer 1986, 70 (CARR 165-166)
body parts mixed before TRR 84-87
delayed RR 150-154
extending the privilege of, from the synagogue XCIV(1984) 166-167 (CARR 148-150)
from the Temple XXXIII(1923) 61-63 (ARR 299-302)
     (see also Suicide, burial of a)
in Christian cemetery RR 140-142 XCVI(1986) 235-236 (CARR 166-167)
in crypts (see Crypts)
in his or her city CoRR 185-189
in Israel, without talit (see Talit, for the dead and cremation) in national cemetery NRR 105-108
in the garden CARR 164-165
mass CuRR 169-175
of a divorced wife CARR 153-154
of a teenager of doubtful descent CARR 156-157
of a woman married twice CARR 154-155
of a young child CARR 152-153
of an animal in a jewish cemetery 5773.5
of ashes in a mausoleum CARR 163-164
of books, ceremony for NARR 309-310
of convert CoRR 240-244
of convert, in Christian cemetery (see Convert, burial...)
of convert, prospective (see below, of prospective convert)
of cremation ashes RRT 112-115
of cremation ashes at home CoRR 169-172
of enemies, side by side RR 136-140
of human organs NARR 281-282
of human skin from Holocaust victim CARR 169
of Jews, in section of general cemetery 24-25(XXVII:1917, 88; ARR 320-321
of men and women, side by side MRR 260-268
of "Messanic Jews" XCVI(1986) 237
of miscarriages, stillborn children and infants CARR 167-168
of mother's ashes in son's grave CuRR 145-149
of non-Jew in Jewish cemetery 25-31 (XXIX:1919, 77-78; 80-85;ARR 323-331)
     LXXIII(1963) 85-90 (CuRR 154-162; ARR 335-341) CARR 157-158
of a non-Jewish same-sex spouse TFN no.5752.20 111-115
of non-Jewish wives in Jewish cemeteries 31-35 (XXIV:1914, 154 and XLVI:1936, 124-129 [ARR 331-335]
     (see also Funeral, of non-Jewish spouse...)
of old Bibles and prayerbooks CARR 169-170
of pet animals CuRR 165-169
of prospective convert XCI(1981) 71-72 (ARR 231-232)
of R. Mickey Berman HaArets 3/26/86 (includes discussion of q'vurat rashs etsel tsaddiq)
of second wife RRT 172-175
of still-born child TRR 123-125
of Teresa Angelovici HaArets 3/12/84 (includes discussion of mipnei darkhei shalom)
on Yom Tov 22-24 (XXXI:1921, 53-55 and XXXII:1922, 80; ARR 317-320)
on Yom Tov, after a gravedigger's strike CoRR 163-164
restricting, in congregational cemetery CARR 161-162
Resomation: The Liquid Disposal of Remains 5774.6
sequence of, after a gravedigger's strike CoRR 165-169
site, preferred ARR 349-350
some duties CoRR 189-193
son's presence barred from RRT 282-283
son unable to take part in, of father HaArets 2/11/86
temporary, of fallen Israeli soldiers CoRR 205-212
vertical NARR 288-289
with a baton NARR 282-283
with a candelabra NARR 283-284
with a kippah NARR 284
with first or second husband CARR 155-156(see also above "of a divorced wife)
     (see also Casket; Cemetery; Coffin; Committal services; Grave; Tombstone)
Burial customs 186-187 (XXXIII:1923, 59; ARR 373-374)
Burial society (see Hevra Qadisha)
and the frail elderly NARR 265-267
Caesarean section,
and b'rit milah (see B'rit milah, and caesarean)
on a dead woman RR 213-214
     LXXXII(1972) 51-53 (ARR 274-276)
     CoRR 212-216
on a dying woman RR 214-217
incurable, and nutrition NARR 263-264
at Kol Nidre CoRR 60-63
dispute over NRR 28-32
man's or woman's prerogative CARR 263-265
at Saturday night seder (see Seder)
for Shabbat (see Shabbat candles)
Hanukkah (see Hanukkah candles)
Cannibalism RRT 271-273
married to a convert NARR 3-4
qualification for a NARR 1-3
reciting t'fillah with (see T'fillah/T'fillot)
status of, according to Social Security Act CuRR 209-214
in social hall of Temple LXV(1955) 91-92 (ARR 531-532)
in Temple tower 228 (LXIII:1953, 155-156; ARR 71)
covering the NRR 152-157
open CARR 151-152
two, in one grave TFN no.5751.8 117-118
(see also Coffin)
non-Kosher, and work on Shabbat (see Shabbat, caterer...)
Cemetery (see also Disinterment),
added section to a NARR 317-319
building a chapel on a ARR 75-76(see also Synagogue, near cemetery)
burial of an animal in a Jewish 5773.5
choice of 39 (XXVII:1917, 88-89; ARR 348-349)
Christian (see Christian cemetery)
congregational, restricting burial in CARR 161-162
control of a NARR 311-313
destroyed HAL vol.2, #1, Nov. 1994/Kislev 5755, pp.3-4
employment of non-Jews in 85 (XXVII:1917, 89; ARR 353)
eternal flame in MRR 249-253
first grave in the CuRR 138-140
general, Jewish section in RRR 144-148
     XCVIII (1988) 161-162 (NARR 315-317)
naming of a NARR 313-315
non-Jews buried in NRR 88-91
of defunct congregation MRR 240-243
plantings NARR 327-328
responsibility for XCVI(1986) 243 (CARR 174-175)
Resomation: The Liquid Disposal of Remains 5774.6
selling part of the RRT 128-135
selling portion of a NARR 319-322
synagogue near a (see Synagogue)
vandalized MRR 224-227
     LXXXIV(1974) 48-50 (ARR 371-373)
visiting the, before thirty days RRT 109-112
when to visit CoRR 232-235
work, on Rosh HaShanah (see Rosh HaShanah)
yews in a NARR 326
Cemetery memorial service,
on second day Rosh HaShanah (see Rosh HaShanah)
Chanukah (see Hanukkah)
building a, on a cemetery (see Cemetery, building)
Chaplain's insignia,
Hebrew letters on CoRR 120-123
Charitable distribution,
priorities in CARR 39-42
Charoset (see Haroset)
Temple board member accused of TFN no.5754.17 289-296
Chevra Kadisha (see Hevra Qadisha)
adoptive, marriage of TRR 121-123
attendance at Christian service RR 115-117
burial of a young (see Burial, of a young child)
Christian (of mixed marriage), in religious school NARR 139-141
circumcising, of an apostate mother TRR 64-65
custody of RR 209-212
     (see also Adoption RR 200-206 and discussion in Bar Mitsvah, stepfather at RR 32-34)
feeding of RRR 226-230
Japanese Jewish CARR 87-88
named after non-Jewish grandparents MRR 134-137
naming, without mentioning a father TFN no.5752.1 239-240
naming of 131-166 (XLII:1932, 316-360; ARR 151-193)
naming of, of unmarried mother CoRR 91-97
     TRR 23-25
naming of, orphan RRR 91-93
naming of, when circumcision is delayed RRR 94-97
non-Jew raising Jewish XCIII(1983), 200-201 (CARR 69-70)
of Messianic Jews (see Messianic Jews)
of a mixed marriage, hatafat dam b'rit for a 3-yr old, C, Summer 1993, 45-52 (TFN no.5752.2 241-248)
of mixed marriage, naming a child of TFN no.5755.2 249
of mixed marriage (see Mixed marriage; see above `Christian')
of two religious traditions NARR 138-139
preferential treatment of, in estate XCVIII (1988) 156-158 NARR 387-390)
raised in two religions TFN no.5754.3 263-264
raised in two religious traditions XCIV(1984), 172-173 (CARR 98-99)
responsibility of, to parents XCII(1982) 207-209 (ARR 139-141)
severely retarded, parental obligation to CARR 298-300
sexuality of a maturing (see Sexuality)
status of ARR 441-445
status of, assuring NARR 205-206
status of, born to surrogate mother XCII(1982) 205-207 (ARR 505-507)
status of, genetically not Jewish (see Status, of child...)
status of, of doubtful religious background LXX(1960) 95-99
     (RRR 120-127)
     ARR 195-199
still-born, burial of (see Burial, of still-born...) 5772.3
support and unexpected Pregnancy 5772.3
support of parents (see Parents, children's...)
transfer of, to Christian Sunday school RRR 59-62
uncircumcised, naming of an CARR 49
unwanted NRR 239-242
with one Jewish parent, Hebrew name for JRJ, Fall 1985, 95-96
congregational, non-jewish voices in XCV(1985), 251-52 (CARR 195-196)
(see also T'fillot, participation...)
Christian cemetery,
burial in a XCVI(1986) 235-236
communal memorial services in RR 143-146
convert buried in (see Convert)
former, to be bought and used by Jewish congregation NRR 85-87
transfer of body of Jew to CuRR 162-165
     RRT 179-181
Christian decorations,
in a business office CARR 261-263
Christian Jew,
in the Temple TFN no.5753.19 51-54
Christian legends,
and synagogue plantings (see Synagogue, plantings...)
Christian relatives,
memorializing ARR 390-392 (and)
Christian Scientist's funeral,
Rabbi officiating at (see Funeral, Rabbi...)
Christian services,
and Jewish Children (see Child/ren, attendance...)
officiating at funerals of (see Funeral, Christian...)
relatives memorialized MRR 226-229
use of Temple organ by RRR 47-50
celebration of, by children in public school RR 112-115
lights celebrations CARR 258-261
menorah and the christmas tree in a holiday display 5774.1
substituting for Christians on LXXXII(1972) 53-55 (CoRR 131-135; ARR 136-139)
Christmas decorations,
and those for Hanukkah, in apartment complex NARR 117-118
Christmas plays,
Jews acting in TRR 87-89
high-rise, and residences RRT 306-308
use of synagogue building (see Synagogue)
window, honoring a Jew CARR 249-250
Church membership,
and conversion (see Conversion)
born (see Nolad mahul)
Circumcision (see B'rit milah)
decorated NARR 286
keys in the NRR 262-264
lights at head of CoRR 177-181
plastic NARR 287-288
two in one grave (see Grave, two coffins...)
wife's ashes in husband's MRR 237-240
wooden nails and handles for RRR 153-155
(see also Casket)
Jewish NARR 75-76
Committal services,
ommission of LXXXVI(1976) 96-98 (RRT 148-153; ARR 296-299)
Communal service,
Jewish priorities in HAL vol.2, #3, June 1995/Sivan 5755, pp.3-4
Community centers,
and Shabbat (see Shabbat, athletics...)
unfair MRR 281-285
"Completed Jew",
status of, in Jewish community (see Status)
as alternative to marriage ARR 406-410
of the knowledge of a crime (see Crime)
Confidential information CARR 7-8
and threatened suicide (see Suicide, threatened...)
medical, malpractice and moral responsibility TFN no.5753.2 309-317
threatened suicide and TFN no.5750.3 283-288
and Bar/Bat Mitsvah NARR 52-54
Confirmation group,
non-Jewish chairman of CARR 245-246
absentee vote used by RRT 224-228
choosing to remain a small TFN no.5752.12 3-6
English name for RR 78-81
expulsion from LXXIV(1964) 104-106 (CuRR 84-87; ARR 55-58)
fund-raising andadvertising NARR 68-69
meeting, on Shabbat (see Shabbat, congregational...)
membership of mixed-married couple (see Congregational membership, for mixed-married...)
new, the right to create a JRJ, Spring 1985, 59-61 (CARR 200-202)
officer, convicted accountant as TRR 131-135
officers and their duties NARR 60-63
right to create a new JRJ, Spring 1985, 59-61 (CARR 200-202)
seder (see Seder)
social hall of (see Synagogue)
Sukkah of (see Sukkah)
using cemetery money NRR 109-113
violations of tax law by NYP RR21 no. 5758.4
without a rabbi TRR 3-6
Congregational committees,
mon-Jewish members of CARR 246-247
Congregational dues,
and aliyah to the Torah (see Aliyah, and congregational dues)
Congregational membership,
and charity NRR 175-178
at age thirteen CARR 228-230
expulsion of criminal from NARR 65-68
for mixed-married couple RRR 63-66
     XCII(1982) 215-216 (ARR 45-46)
for non-Jew RRT 221-224 CARR 242
for non-Jewish spouse XCIV(1984), 167-169 (CARR 242-245)
for unmarried couple RRT 238-244
     XC(1980) 83-84 (ARR 47-48)
forfeiture of, by intermarriage 99 (XXVI:1916, 133-134; ARR 49)
limitation of ARR 44-45
refusing a Jew 227 (LXIII:1953; 154-155; ARR 54-55)
questions about table of LXXXVIIII(1978) 55-56 (ARR 396-398); for a copy of
the table of consanguinity see Rabbi's Manual, N.Y., CCAR, 1961 pp. 127-128,
or B. Bamberger, Leviticus:A Modern Commentary, N.Y., UAHC, 1979, p. 321 et al)
criminal (see Synagogue, contribution...)
listing names of RRR 203-206
"according to halakhah" (meaning for Reform Jews) NARR 193-194
and Church membership RR 82-85
and marriage, after transsexual surgery C(1990) 167-170 (JRJ, Spring 1991, 69-73)
and marriage, after transsexual surgery TFN no.5750.8 191-196
and teenagers CARR 86-87
and the question of belief XCII(1982) 211-213 (ARR 209-211)
answers to Israel on CoRR 269-276
atheists and agnostics and TFN no.5754.15 147-152
beit din via videoconference 5773.3
circumcision for an eight-year-old convert RR21 no. 5756.13
circumcision and immersion RR21 no. 5756.13
conducted by layman CuRR 96-100
Conversion of a Male When Circumcision is Medically Risky 5774.7
course of study for NARR 194-196
dubious/questionable RRR 78-83
     CoRR 136-140
incomplete MRR 154-158
     NRR 75-78
Issues in the Conversion of Transgender People 5775.1
necessary steps for, by adopted children (see Adopted children)
not for the purpose of marriage RR 87-90
of a matrilineal Jew TFN no.5754.13 259-261
of mentally ill person RR21 no. 5758.7
of an infant whose parents are non-Jews CARR 80-81
of child NARR 196-197, RR21 no. 5759.1
of child, with two non-Jewish parents NARR 200-201
of infants CuRR 80-83
of married person, when family members remain Christians CuRR 215-217, NYP RR21 no. 5760.5
of married woman RR 85-87
of married woman, when children remain Christian CuRR 110-112
of Negroes RRR 83-87
of young child CARR 83-85
of young child of a first marriage CARR 81-83
origin of miqvah for (see Miqvah, origin...)
rejecting one's (done as an) infant TFN no.5753.20 265-266
unprovable claims to RRR 87-91
     CuRR 219-220
without formal instruction XCII(1982) 209-211 (ARR 211-215)
with reservations CARR 92
     (see also Dow Marmur, "The Question of Ishut: Should there be minimal standards for conversion in Reform Judaism?", LXXXIX(1979), 148-163)
and gentile parents TRR 61-64
and Hebrew NARR 197-199
and Jewish burial (see Burial, of convert)
and Rabbi's responsibility RRT 66-71
burial of prospective XCI(1981) 71-72 (ARR 321-322)
buried in Christian cemetery CoRR 151-154
changing the surname of MRR 148-153
circumcision for adult (see Circumcision, for adult...)
duty to seek NRR 73
from another land NARR 199-200
homosexual CARR 88-90
married to a cantor NARR 3-4
mental competency of a ARR 215-216
mentally ill RR21 no. 5758.7
mitsvot which must be explained to NRR 73-74
name of a NARR 182, RR21 no. 5760.6
new name required for NRR 72
pregnant MRR 143-148 (also deals with several issues concerning abortion)
privacy of a JRJ, Winter 1986, 87-88 (CARR 79-80)
prospective, who fears circumcision ARR 238-239
reciting qaddish for deceased parents LXV(1955) 90-91 (ARR 386-387)
reverting MRR 159-164
     ARR 241-242
teenage, name of a NARR 184-185
tarot reader as a NARR 204-205
with a Christian family XCII(1982) 219-220 (ARR 240-241)
     XCV(1985) 248-249 (CARR 91)
with a Jewish father CARR 90
     (see also Conversion, of married man.../of married woman, when children...)
of books CoRR 245-252
(see also Prayerbooks, assembling and Competition, unfair for discussion
of issues relating to haskamah and hasagat g'vul)
of the dead, used (see Transplantation, of cornea...)
suitable (for reasons of Kashrut) CARR 20-22
surgery LXXXVI(1976) 94-96 (RRT 287-290; ARR 544-546) TFN no.5752.7 127-132
premarital NARR 335
Covered heads,
praying with (see Praying)
Craniofacial malformations (see Surgery, dangers...)
Cremation, 57-76 (II:1891-92, 33-41; III:1892-93, 40-41, 53-68; ARR 341-348)
ashes buried at home (see Burial, of cremation ashes)
ashes in Temple cornerstone RRT 167-169
family disagreement over CoRR 228-231
Resomation: The Liquid Disposal of Remains 5774.6
wife's ashes in husband's coffin (see Coffin, wife's ashes...)
confession of the the knowledge of CuRR 205-209
Criminal activities,
informing on others in CARR 8-9
Criminal past NARR 291-292
Cryobiology LXXVII(1967) 82-83 (CuRR 238-240; ARR 277-278)
as family burial places MRR 254-259
and Judaism HAL vol.1, #2, Dec. 1993/Kislev 5754
ark (see Parokhet)
burial (see Burial customs)
mourning (see Mourning customs)
old and new, in a Reform synagogue NARR 12-14
for a physician's error (see Physician, error...)
Day of Atonement (see Yom HaKippurim)
blood of the, using of LXXVII(1967) 78-81 (CuRR 242-246; ARR 284-287)
body of the, ownership of NRR 79-84
clothes and shoes of the RR 293-297
photographing the RRT 169-171
removing of the, on Shabbat RRT 163-166
shoes for the RRR 149-153
shoes of the, giving away RR, 174-176
using cornea of (see Transplantation, of cornea...)
using eye of (see Transplantation, of eyes...)
Dead body,
removal of, to another grave (see Disinterment)
dates of RRR 148-149
determination of MRR 188-197
donating body after (see Body, donation of...)
informing daughter of her mother's TFN no.5753.1 199-200
postponement of MRR 188-197
of old synagogue CoRR 9-13 (CCARJ, Spring 1975, 73-74)
in floor of synagogue (see Synagogue, decorations...)
of synagogue CoRR 9-13
unknown, in building material CARR 15-17
of cult members NRR 231-235
doubtful, of two Soviet Jews (see Soviet Jews, two...)
matrilineal (see Matrilineal descent)
patrilineal (see Patrilineal descent)
(see also Lineage)
Disabled persons TFN no.5752.5 297-304
blind person as a witness RR21 no. 5759.8
Disabled Rabbi, (see Rabbi, disabled)
Discarded practices,
propriety of, in Reform Judaism (see T'fillot, propriety...)
fighting CARR 255-256
and mourning TRR 94-97
and reburial CARR 172-173
due to labor strike CoRR 160-162
for legal evidence CARR 171-172
for removal to another grave 195-196 (XXXII:1922, 41-42; ARR 353-355)
from Christian cemetery RRT 175-178
of Jew from Jewish cemetery for reburial in Christian cemetery RRT 179-181
of Jew from Jewish to a nondenominational cemetery RR21 no. 5756.5
     (see discussion in Crypts, as family burial places)
of damaged Sefer Torah (see Sefer Torah, ritual...)
between the dead (see Dead, distinctions...)
and custody of daughter CuRR 193-196
and legal separation RR21 no. 5758.13
for doubtful marriage CoRR 82-85
get, absence of a TFN no.5754.6 209-215
get, Reform XCIX(1989) 231-233
get, question of need for 77-78 (LVI:1946, 123-125; ARR 510-511)
of husband with Alzheimer's Disease XCVI (1986) 230-232 (CARR 144-146)
of an incapacitated spouse RR21 no. 5756.15
of insane husband 78-84 (XXIX:1919, 88-94; ARR 514-522)
Reform Judaism and XC(1980) 84-86 (ARR 511-514)
(see also Get)
marriage of kohein prohibited to (see Marriage, of kohein...)
burial of (see Burial, of pet animals)
seeing-eye, at t'fillot (see Blind person)
Dress code,
for Religious School (see Religious School)
Drug user,
responsibilty toward a NARR 237-238
and mystical experience XCV(1985), 256 (CARR 123)
mind-altering, for pleasure XCV(1985), 256-59 (CARR 120-123)
psychedelic CuRR 247-250
psychedelic, medical use of XCV(1985), 255-56 (CARR 119-120)
to relieve pain NARR 239-241
Dual religion family,
and patrilineal descent TFN no.5755.17 251-258
congregational, and aliyah to the Torah (see Aliyah, and congregational dues)
synagogue, for a wife CARR 226-228
Dying patient (see also Terminally Ill, Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide),
Caesarean section for (see Caesarean section)
infant, naming of (see Infant)
informed of condition RR 122-125
     (see also Patient, physician...)
informing a NARR 262-263
kept alive RR 117-122
relieving pain of LXXXV(1975) 83-85 (RRT 84-89; ARR 253-257)
requests no funeral, no mourning RRR 110-113
terminal, allowed to die (see Euthenasia, Terminally Ill)
worn by men NARR 400-402
phenomenon and human experience of, in Jewish legal literature CoRR 290-293
Eiruv CARR 268-269
Eits Hayim,
metal NARR 43-44
Electronic eavesdropping,
and Jewish law RRT 260-265
of the Tribe of Levi (see Levi)
of non-Jews in Jewish cemetery (see Cemetery, employment...)
Endangered species TFN no.5753.3 319-320
Judaism and the CARR 17-19
Jewish reaction to XCVI(1986) 241-243 (CARR 136-138)
Eruv (see Eiruv)
preferential treatment of children in (see Child/ren, preferential...)
and second seder (see Seder)
Eternal flame,
in cemetery (see Cemetery, eternal flame...)
on grave (see Grave, perpetual...)
Eternal light (see Ner tamid)
Ethical Culturists,
marriage with (see Marriage, with Ethical Culturists)
Ethiopian Hebrews (see Beta Yisrael)
after Sukkot NRR 48-52
frozen CuRR 46-49
nature of the CARR 273-276
why no blessing over TRR 148-149
for a Christian (see Christian cemetery, communal memorial services in and Funeral, Christian)
post-funeral NRR 119-124
Euthenasia 86-94 (LX:1950; 107-120; ARR 261-271)
     LXXIX(1969) 118-121 (MRR 197-203; ARR 257-260)
     ARR 271-274
quality of life and CARR 138-140
treatment of the terminally ill TFN no.5754.14 337-364
Excommunication (see Herem)
medical, dangerous (see Medical experiment)
of a member from a congregation (see Congregation, expulsion and Congregational membership, forfeiture...)
of the dead, used (see Transplantation, of eyes...)
Falashas (see Beta Yisrael)
Family tree,
problems in a XCIV(1984), 171-172 (CARR 96-98)
proclaiming a new RRT 47-50
resulting from dropping of the Sefer Torah (see Sefer Torah, fasting...)
Father's name,
forgotten (see Memorial)
sterilization of (see Sterilization)
Fermented wine,
not required for sacramental purposes (see Wine)
Fertility pill RRT 205-211
Fertilized ovum implant (see Transplantation, of ovum)
kept alive as a source for organs NARR 272-273
medical use of the TRR 89-91
status of (see Foetal material)
used for experimentation XCV(1985), 250-251 (CARR 34-35)
     (see also Foetal material)
Hatikvah and The Star-Spangled Banner RR21 no. 5758.10
Israeli, on synagogue pulpit ARR 66-68
national, at religious services LXIV(1954) 79-80 (CCARJ, April 1954, 30; ARR 64-66)
on the bimah TFN no.5753.8 29-32
blessing the TFN no.5751.3 159-164
Foetal material,
study of CoRR 155-159
origin of for various holidays NARR 121-122
Foreign currency,
repayment of loan in (see Loan)
of congregational membership (see Congregational membership, forfeiture...)
Fortune teller XCIV(1984) 169-170 (CARR 233-234)
Fraternal orders,
funeral rights of LXIV(1954) 75-77 (ARR 309-312)
     (see also Funeral, masonic services at)
Freezing bodies,
for later burial (see Burial, delayed)
for later revival (see Cryobiology)
games of chance in connection with (see Gambling)
at night RRT 158-162
Christian, Rabbi participating in CuRR 175-178
congregational charge for CoRR 193-196 (CCARJ, Fall 1975, 75-77) double RRR 138-141
expenses, family dispute over TRR 79-81
for those lost at sea RRR 104-107
from Temple RRT 95-99
halted at synagogue RRT 182-186
halting seven times TRR 44-46
interrupting a wedding TRR 103-107
Jewish, for non-Jewish spouse CARR 160
long-delayed CARR 146-147
masonic services at 130-131 (LVI:1946, 125-127; CCARJ, October 1953, 29-30; ARR 308-309)
of a child of a mixed marriage TFN 5751.7 267-269
of a suicide (see Suicide)
of non-Jewish spouse of a member NARR 293-294(see also Burial,
of non-Jewish wives...)
on Tu BiSh'vat NARR 275-276
on Yom HaSho'ah NARR 276
Rabbi officiating at Christian Scientist's 190-192
     (XIX:1909, 75 and XXVII: 1917, 117-119; ARR 314-317)
Rabbi officiating at, of Jew in non-Jewish cemetery l87-188
     (LVII:1947, 136-137; ARR 312-314)
requests for no (see Dying patient, requests...)
rites, of fraternal orders (see above `masonic services at')
service in synagogue without body MRR 274-276
services, for ex-members of congregation CoRR 200-204
visiting another grave after RRT 187-190
washing hands after RRT 293-295
without family members MRR 276-277
without Rabbi or Cantor CARR 150-151
Funeral directors,
Jewish, obligation to patronize NARR 277-278
Funeral folklore (see Mourning folklore)
Gambling 105 (XLVI:1936, 126; ARR 527-528)
     LXXXIX(1979) 115-116 (ARR 528-531)
for benefit of synagogue CuRR 56-62
occasional, and state legalized lotteries RRT 229-232
or linen shrouds [takhrihim] (see Takhrihim)
Garnisheeing of wages CoRR 260-262
Genetic engineering,
human genetic modification NYP no. 5768.3
Jewish involvement in NARR 247-252
on genetically engineered foods 5774.5
patenting NARR 244-246
soul of a person produced through CARR 32-34
Gentile chairman,
of Confirmation group (see Confirmation group)
Gentile members,
on congregational committees (see Congregational committees)
participation in synagogue ritual TFN no.5754.5 55-76
Gentilereligious practices
imitation of (see Huqqat ha-goyim)
Gerut (see Conversion; Convert)
absence of a TFN no.5754.6 209-215
Reform NARR 369-374
     (see also Divorce)
question of whether or not to accept if the donor has outstanding debts CARR 10-12
to organizations inimical to Reform Judaism JRJ, Winter 1987, 45-46 (CARR 42-44)
     (see also Orthodox institutions, Reform support for)
Gift shop,
and advertising NARR 399-400
and general merchandise NARR 398-399
Sisterhood, candy in the NARR 397-398
Giyoret (see Convert)
God's name,
as YAHVE TRR 41-44
concern about shredding photocopied services containing NARR 231-233
destroying CuRR 29-33
embroidered on parokhet CuRR 22-25
erasing from a computer screen NARR 228
printed on stationery CuRR 224
proper disposal of religious texts RR21 no. 5762.1
spelled "G-d" RRR 50-55
     (see also Name of God)
role of, in B'rit Milah (see B'rit Milah)
between husband and wife TFN no.5750.4 187-190
fruit RRT 284-286
roses RRR 222-225
Grandson and grandfather,
mutual duties between CoRR 281-283
alignment of CuRR 132-138
depth of MRR 230-236
direction of 76-77 (XXXIII:1923, 50; ARR 351-352)
     ARR 352-353
encroaching TRR 65-67
filling, in hot weather NARR 289-290
Jerusalem soil into the NARR 285
perpetual light on RRT 104-108
plantings or flowers on CoRR 284-286
position of body in CoRR 172-176
putting small sticks in hands of deceased when placing in the (see Burial customs)
removal of dead body to another (see Disinterment)
reuse of a NARR 303-304(see below `vacated, reuse of')
two coffins in one LXXXV(1975) 85-87 (RRT 100-104; ARR 355-358) unfilled NRR 97-99
unmarked NARR 301-303
vacated, reuse of RR 132-135 (see above `reuse of a')
visiting another RR 176-177 (see also Funeral, visiting...)
walking on TRR 52-54
Gravemarker (see Tombstone)
sense of, of Holocaust survivor NRR 179-181
Guinea pig,
human (see Medical experimentation, human...)
on Temple property TFN no.5753.24 281-282
and non-Jewish parent NARR 37-38
olive wood NARR 113-114
Reform NARR 110-112
Halitsa (see Marriage, with brother's widow)
and yibom, Shalhevet, Fall 1987, vol. 34 # 12, pp. 11-13;21
Halloween, CuRR 93-96
white bread for NARR 93-94
language of blessing TRR 149-150
salt for NRR 247-249
     ARR 113-114
Handicapped access NARR 70-71
and Christmas decorations in an apartment complex NARR 117-118
menorah and the Christmas tree in a holiday display 5774.1
Hanukkah candles,
sequence of lighting XCV(1985) 249 (CARR 278-279)
Haroset NRR 265-266
Hatafat dam b'rit,
for a three-year-old child of a mixed marriage CCARJ, Summer 1993 45-52 (TFN no.5752.2 241-248)
Hatafat Dam B'rit,
for a three-year old child of a mixed marriage, CCARJ, Summer 1993, 45-52
Hazaqah (see Synagogue, honors)
Bar Mitsvah at time of (see Bar Mitsvah, at time of Havdalah)
Head covering,
for women in synagogue NARR 23-25(also see Praying)
rented RRT 122-128
of a baboon, transplanted into a human TRR 107-109
Hebrew Bible,
on computer NARR 227-228
Hebrew book,
kissing a NARR 225-227
Hebrew letters,
on Chaplain's insignia (see Chaplain's insignia)
Hebrew name,
changing, of adopted child after b'rit milah, JRJ, Fall 1988, 71-72 (NARR 187-188)
changing of a CARR 53-54 CARR 54-56
for child with one Jewish parent JRJ, Fall 1985, 95-96
male and female NARR 179-180
of a convert (see Convert, name of a)
of a teenage convert NARR 184-185
selection of a NARR 178-179
two sets NARR 362-363
which are avoided TRR 109-113
Hebrew tablet,
bronze NARR 79-80
situations justifying partial/total MRR 179-182
Hevra Qadisha,
formation of a TFN no.5754.8 87-90
not using synagogue's NRR 114-116
High Holy Days (see Yamim Nora'im)
High-rise church,
and residences (see Church)
and Jews NARR 135-136
mandatory testing for, prior to marriage TFN no.5750.1 103-110
Holiday (see Yom tov)
Holiday greetings CARR 257-258
Holocaust memorials,
and the Jewish tradition NARR 322-324
Holocaust survivor,
sense of guilt of (see Guilt)
Holy Day (see Yom tov)
demolishing, in the West Bank and the Halakha, JRJ, Spring 1986, 59-61
Homosexual congregations CoRR 23-26
Homosexual convert CARR 88-90
Homosexuality (private responsum, Dr. Eugene Mihaly, 10 pp., 1973,
     Klau Library, HUC-JIR, New York, Fac.-p)
and Judaism CuRR 236-238 (CCARJ, Summer 1973, 30-32) LXXXIII(1973) 115-117 (ARR 49-52)
in leadership positions XCI(1981) 69-71 (ARR 52-54)
marriage of CARR 297-298
same-sex marriage as kiddushin 5774.4
Hospice NRR 67-71
Hospital chapel LXXVII(1967) 81-82 (ARR 78-79)
Hostages, freeing (see Pidyon Sh'vuyim)
Human kidney,
selling, for transplant (see Kidney or Transplant)
Human organs,
banks for (see Organs)
burial of NARR 281-282
Humanistic congregation (joining UAHC) JRJ, Fall 1991, 55-63
Humanistic Congregation TFN no.5751.4 9-15
Huntington's disease,
and suicide (see Suicide, and...)
hand-held NARR 347-348
permanent CARR 285-286
substitutes for wine under the TFN no.5755.16 231-236
sukkah as a (see Sukkah, as a huppah)
video camera affixed to TFN no.5751.14 119-121
Huqqat ha-goyim (Imitation of Non-Jewish Religious Practices)
Amazing Grace CCARJ, Fall 1992, 65-66 (TFN no.5752.11 21-22)
annual congregational meeting on TFN no.5751.5 97-100
blessing the fleet TFN no.5751.3 159-164
may a Jewish chaplain perform a baptism TFN no.5755.9 153-158
New Year's Eve party on Shabbat in the synagogue TFN no.5753.15 39-41
St. Valentine’s Day and Other “Secular” Holidays 5775.2
divorce of insane (see Divorce)
Hypnotism NRR 250-251
Hysterectomy RRT 211-215
Jewish, concealing XCVI(1986) 237-240
Jewish, hiding one's TFN no.5753.6 141
Illegal act,
and professional secrecy (see Professional secrecy)
compulsory RR21 no. 5759.10
refusal of NARR 234-235
for mourning NARR 292-293
use of in service of meditation by Jews NARR 27-28
and parental responsibilities CARR 185-186
qaddish for father guilty of (see Qaddish, for father...)
Inert pigment,
as a permanent cosmetic (see Pigment)
dying, status of MRR 223-225
on others in criminal activities (see Criminal activites)
and Jewish law TRR 11-12
a mentally ill convert RR21 no. 5758.7
in criminal cases CARR 9-10
artificial (see Artificial insemination)
forfeiture of congregational membership by (see Congregational membership)
a minyan via the 5772.1
copyright and the RR21 no. 5761.1
In vitro fertilization,
and the mitzvah of childbearing RR21 no. 5758.3
and the status of the embryo RR21 no. 5757.2
with cousin's ova CARR 31-32
(see also Artificial insemination; Test-tube baby)
Hatikvah and The Star-Spangled Banner RR21 no. 5758.10
loyalty to one's company versus love for RR21 no. 5757.1
questions on conversion from (see Conversion, answers...)
visit to CoRR 69-74
Israeli flag,
old, proper disposal of NARR 310-311
Israeli soldiers,
temporary burial of (see Burial)
black (see Beta Yisrael)
who is a LXIX(1959), "'Who is a Jew?' Symposium", 240-262
     RRR 73-78 (CCARJ, June 1959, Solomon Freehof 3-8; Samuel Cohon 9-13)
(see also Moses C. Weiler, "Who is a Jew?", LXXXIII(1973), 174-186; Matrilineal descent; Patrilineal descent)
Jewish agencies,
Jewishness of HAL vol.3, #1, Fall/Winter 1995, pp.3-7
Jewish chaplain,
may a perform a baptism TFN no.5755.9 153-158(includes a discussion of huqqat ha-goyim)
Jewish Christians,
b'rit milah for XCVIII (1988) 158-159
Jewish girl,
baptized, return of to Judaism JRJ, Fall 1986, 69-70 (CARR 99-101)
Jewish homes for the Aged,
financial responsibility toward XCIX(1989) 234-235 (NARR 142-146)
Jewish identity,
concealing XCVI(1986) 237-240 (CARR 101-104)
Jewish melodies,
and (Hebrew) transliterations NARR 32-33
Jewish nurse,
baptizing dying Catholic infant (see Baptism)
Jewish priorities in communal service (see Communal service)
Jewish social services,
basis for CARR 37-39
Jewish soldiers,
in a fundamentalist Islamic land NARR 136-137
Jewish status,
baptism and RR21 no. 5759.2
presumption of RR21 no. 5760.2
Jewish symbols,
removing TRR 27-31
Jewishness of Jewish agencies (see Jewish agencies)
Jews for Jesus (see Marriage, with "Messianic Jew")
Joint miqvah and baptistry (see Miqvah)
Jewish 106 (XLII:1932, 85-86; ARR 128)
practicing Buddhism and TFN no.5752.3 123-126
return of baptized Jewish girl to JRJ, Fall 1986, 69-70
return to, of an apsotate (see Apostate)
Judaism and cults HAL vol.1 #4, Dec. 1993/Kislev 5754
and War games HAL vol.4 #2 Winter 1997, 5757
Rabbinic (see Rabbinic jurisdiction)
Kaddish (see Qaddish)
marriage with (see Marriage)
a fish in the shape of a shrimp NARR 129
in Reform Judaism ARR 128-131
of dinosaurs (Purim torah) NARR 130-131
on synagogue premises CuRR 226-227
Pesach Kashrut and Reform Judaism RR21 no. 5756.9
     (see also Kosher kitchen; Pyrex dishes)
and pre-nuptual agreement HAL vol.1, #4, Aug. 1994/Elul 5754 pp.4-5
decorations on a NARR 357-359
destroyed NARR 367-368
error in the Hebrew date on NARR 359-361
error in the text of a NARR 363-364
lost NARR 366-367
signature on a NARR 364-365
virginity, and the (see Virginity)
with Russian (not Hebrew) names NARR 361-362
Kiddush (see Qiddush)
Human, selling for transplant (see Transplantation, selling...)
for men and women NARR 20-23
     (also see Praying)
Kisui rosh (see Praying)
adoption by (see Adoption)
extra shroud for (see Shroud)
marriage to divorcee prohibited (see Marriage, of kohein)
priestly and levitical status in reform judaism 5771.4
Kol Nidre,
candle-lighting at (see Candle-lighting)
United Jewish Appeal at CoRR 57-59
Kosher kitchen,
in military camps 106-109 (XXVIII:1918, 124-127; ARR 131-135)
K'riah ribbon (see Q'ri'ah ribbon)
non-Jew as, at b'rit milah XCVII (1987) 184-85 (NARR 167-169)
Lavon's syndrome,
last stages of Halakhah, vol.4 #3, Spring/Summer 1997/5757, 6-7 (includes discussion of euthanasia)
Jewish and terrorists NARR 384-386
Laws, distribution of in Jewish legal literature NRR 267-268
and their children CARR 297
emblem of tribe of 85 (XXXIII:1923,60; ARR 362)
at head of coffin (see Coffin)
eternal (see Ner Tamid)
memorial, at home CuRR 129-132
perpetual, on grave (see Grave)
Shabbat, and pre-convert (see Pre-convert)
Shabbat, on table MRR 91-94
who is obligated to kindle RR 24-26
Linkage analysis TFN no.5752.6 305-308
of child resulting from ovum transplant (see Transplantation, of ovum)
Linen shrouds (see Takhrihim)
Living will NARR 254-259
in foreign currency, repayment of 99-105 (XXX:1920, 113-119; ARR 532-539)
Shabbat, pre-sliced (see Shabbat)
Lord's prayer JRJ, Spring 1987, 79 (CARR 256-257)
Lubavitcher hasidim,
questions about the use of the Rebbe's picture NARR 4-5
after Sukkot NRR 48-52
nature of the NARR 108
which type of aravah (willow) to use NARR 109
and medical confidentiality, moral responsibility TFN no.5753.2 309-317
Malpractice suits,
against rabbis TRR 127-131
and physician NRR 224-230
kol ha-mishpahot k'sheirot, HaArets, 10/24/75
after a sex-change operation LXXXVIII(1978) 52-54 (ARR 416-419)
and conversion after transsexual surgery TFN no.5750.8 191-196
and financial duress TFN no.5754.9 225-229
between Rosh HaShanah and Yom HaKippurim 127(XXXII:1922, 41; ARR 412)
between mehutanim (parents-in-law) NARR 336-337
ceremony, second NARR 338-341
children of mixed (see Mixed marriage)
dissolution of a (see Alzheimer's Disease)
doubtful, divorce for (see Divorce)
mandatory HIV testing prior to TFN no.5750.1 103-110
non-traditional marriage, a RR21 no. 5756.14
of adoptive children TRR 121-123
of homosexuals CARR 297-298, NYP no. 5756.8
of kohein to convert Shalhevet, Fall 1987, vol. 34 # 15, pp. 15-17;21-22
of kohein to daughter of mixed marriage RRR 158-162
of kohein to divorcee 124-125 (LIII:1943, 85-86; ARR 435-436)
of kohein to divorcee Shalhevet, Fall 1987, vol. 34 # 13, pp. 13-15;21
of man who refuses to give first wife a get CuRR 218-219
of Negro boy to Jewish girl LXIV(1954) 77-78 (CCARJ, January 1954, 38-39: ARR 440-441)
of pregnant girl MRR 103-108
of two non-Jews, Rabbi officiating at RR 186-189 (CCARJ, June 1953, 41-42)
of woman raised as a Christian CuRR 217-218
on Shabbat (Dr. Eugene Mihaly, private responsum, fBM 713. M49;
includes rebuttal by Ben Zion Wacholder and Robert L. Katz)
on Shabbat and Yom Tov LXXXVII(1977) 97-99 (ARR 412-415)
performed without a Rabbi LXXXIX(1979) 110-111 (ARR 401-403)
Reform formula RRT 191-195
Reform, and Orthodox aspersions against RRR 194-203
same-sex, as kiddushin 5774.4
to apostate daughter of Jewish mother RR 192-199
to ex-wife's sister TFN no.5751.12 197-198
where one is a transsexual RRT 196-200 LXXXIII(1978)52-54 (ARR 416-419) CARR 293-296
with brother's widow 113-125 (XXXV:1925, 364-379; ARR 419-434)
with Ethical Culturists CuRR 183-185
with half-aunt MRR 100-102
with Karaites LXXV(1965) 97f (CuRR 186-188; ARR 438-440)
with "Messianic Jew" XCI(1981) 67-69 (ARR 471-474)
with mother's sister or half-sister 125-127(XXIV:1914, 153-154 and XXXIII:1933, 59-60; ARR 436-438 (and))
with step-aunt 127 (XXVII:1917, 87; ARR 436)
with sterilized person CoRR 78-82 (CCARJ, Spring 1974, 69-71)
with Unitarian Universalist XCIX(1989) 239-240 (NARR 343-344)
without children ARR 404-406
without halitsa CuRR 221-223
without license (see Wedding)
without Rabbi or Hebrew RRT 200-205
     (see also Weddings; for a further discussion of the "Prohibited marriages", see Consanguinity)
Masonic service,
at funeral (see Funeral)
Masturbation ARR 479-480
Matrilineal descent XCIV(1984), 174-179 (CARR 61-68)
and baked goods NARR 112-113
communal RR 158-161
Meal of consolation (after funeral) [see S'udah Havra'ah]
Meat and milk,
use of Pyrex dishes for (see Pyrex dishes)
Medical experiment/ation NARR 241-243
dangerous XCVI(1986) 240-241 (CARR 27-29)
human guinea pigs TRR 113-115
testing drugs made of pork by-products RR21 no. 5758.8
Medical practice,
silent partners in a (see Silent partners)
Meditiation groups,
and Judaism CARR 254-255
Megillah (see M'gillah)
father's Hebrew name forgotten for CoRR 32-37 (CCARJ, Autumn 1974, 53-56)
for Christian relatives MRR 226-229
for Polish family graves NARR 325
Memorial candles,
for Yom HaKippurim (see Yom HaKippurim)
Memorial gifts CARR 217-218
Memorial list,
reading of, on Shabbat CuRR 178-180
MRR 24-31
titles in NRR 41-45
whether to shorten MRR 24-31
Memorial plaque,
may a congregation cease reading the names TFN no.5753.18 43-48
transfer of, to another synagogue TFN no.5751.10 17-18
Memorial service,
in cemetery, on second day Rosh HaShanah (see Rosh HaShanah)
in Christian cemetery (see Christian cemetery)
on Shabbat (see Shabbat)
     (see also Yizkor)
Memorial window,
changing names on MRR 138-143 (compare with discussion in Sefer Torah, ownership of)
a known criminal CARR 218-219
Christian relatives, ARR 390-392
Menopause, RRR 219-221
and the Two Tablets MRR 37-40
as floor decoration (see Religious symbols, walking across)
combustible CARR 277-278
in apartment house NARR 118-119
non-linear, for Hanukkah MRR 86-91
Mentally retarded,
and Jewish law TRR 9-11
of an animal TRR 61-64
"Messianic Jew/s",
b'rit milah for XCVIII (1988) 158-159 (NARR 175)
burial of XCVI(1986) 237 (CARR 108-109)
children of XCV(1985), 249-50 (CARR 107-108)
marriage with a (see Marriage, with "Messianic Jew")
status of, in Jewish community
     (see Status, of a "Completed Jew"; Convert, reverting)
and tallit, to non-Jews RRT 25-27
casing of a CARR 117-119
glass NRR 53-55
modified TRR 20-23
on a trailer NARR 225
on a synagogue TFN no.5753.14 35
paper text from NARR 223-224
printed NRR 17-19
blessing for reading of CARR 199-200
Military camps,
kosher kitchen at (see Kosher kitchen)
punishment of (see Punishment)
Minyan TRR 39-41
less than at services 112 (XLVI:1936, 127; ARR 5)
     NARR 5-6
need for a, CCARJ, Spring 1993, 73-78 (TFN no.5752.17 23-28)
via the internet 5772.1
and baptistry, joint RRT 274-277
and Reform converts CARR 74-76
origin of, for conversion XCIII(1983), 196 (CARR 73-74)
a "proper" Reform mikveh RR21 no. 5756.6
swimming pool as CARR 76-79
covering of RR 179-182
Miscegenation RRR 83-87
Mixed-married couple,
and congregational membership (see Congregational membership)
Mixed marriage,
and adoption CARR 61
and Reform Rabbis, "Responsa on Jewish Marriage: with special reference to Reform Rabbis
     and Mixed Marriage, Dr. Eugene Mihaly (Cincinnati, 1985: pamphlet)
blessing a TFN no.5754.10 237-238
child of, hatafat dam b'rit for CCARJ, Summer 1993, 45-52 (TFN no.5752.2 241-248)
children of 37-38 (XXIX:1919, 76-77; ARR 193-195; see also ARR, APPENDIX:
     Report of the Committee on Patrilineal Descent on the Status of Children of mixed marriage, 547-550)
funeral of child of TFN no.5751.7 267-269
hatafat dam b'rit for a three-year old child of, CCARJ, Summer 1993, 45-52
Jew married to a Gentile as a religious school teacher RR21 no. 5758.14
naming a child of TFN no.5755.2 249
on Temple premises MRR 108-115
prayer for couple contemplating ARR 465-466
Rabbi officiating at 192-193 (XXIX:1919, 75-76; ARR 466-467)
     XCII(1982) 213-215 (ARR 467-470)
Reform Judaism and XIX(1909) 271-335
     LVII(1947) 158-184
LXXXII(1972) 65-91
LXXXIII(1973) 59-97
XC(1980) 86-102 (ARR 445-465)
three generations of XCIV(1984), 173-174 (CARR 95-96)
twenty-fifth anniversary of a CARR 290-291
at Moslem circumcision CARR 51-53
at public services NARR 166-167
pressured NARR 161-163
woman doctor as RRT 90-94
Money and muggers,
on Shabbat (see Shabbat, muggers and money)
surrogate (see Surrogate mother)
Mother's name,
on son's tombstone (see Tombstone)
Motsi (see HaMotsi)
visiting the NRR 133-138 (see also Shabbat, comforting...)
and delayed burial (see Burial)
and disinterment TRR 94-97
dates of, in different time zones MRR 243-248
for non-Jewish spouse CARR 182-184
for the cremated NRR 139-141
for those lost at sea RRR 104-107
by Gentile relatives of Jews RR21 no. 5760.4
incense for NARR 292-293
not taking dishes from house of RR 178-179
request for no (see Dying patient)
Mourning customs 128-130 (XXIII:1913, 176-179; ARR 374-376)
Mourning folklore RR 174-182
RRR 148-155
NRR 262-264
Muggers and money,
on Shabbat (see Shabbat)
Museum case,
Sefer Torah in (see Sefer Torah)
Christian, at a Jewish wedding (see Wedding, Christian...)
in synagogue (see Synagogue, secular...)
M'zuzah (see Mezuzah)
for dying baby NARR 183-184
yiddish NARR 180-181
Name of God NARR 229-231
(see also God's name)
an uncircumcised child (see Child, uncircumcised..)
of child of a religiously-mixed lesbian couple RR21 no. 5758.2
of children (see Children)
divorced spouse as member of TFN no.5754.7 217-223
Nazirite vow CARR 35-37
and gentile prisoner TRR 58-60
Ner tamid (eternal light) CuRR 8-14
extra TRR 34-36
in an outdoor synagogue NARR 77
questions about TRR 1-3
Nolad mahul (born circumcized) 166-167 (XXVIII:1918, 117; XXIX:1919, 74-75, 86-87; ARR 149-151)
Non-Jewish Holidays
          St. Valentine’s Day and Other “Secular” Holidays 5775.2
Not Yet in Print (responsa published by the Responsa Committee, but not yet in bound collections)
Privacy and the Disclosure of Personal Medical Information NYP no. 5756.2
Names of Donors on Synagogue Windows NYP no. 5756.3
Presenting a Check for Tzedakah at Shabbat Services NYP no. 5756.4
Disinterment From A Jewish To A Nondenominational Cemetery NYP no. 5756.5
A "Proper" Reform Mikveh NYP no. 5756.6
Argument Over a Tombstone NYP no. 5756.7
Pesach Kashrut and Reform Judaism NYP no. 5756.9
Long-Term Non-Marital Relationships NYP no. 5756.10
Circumcision for an Eight-Year-Old Convert NYP no. 5756.13
A Non-Traditional Marriage NYP no. 5756.14
In Vitro Fertilization and the Status of the Embryo NYP no. 5757.2
The "Falas Mura" NYP no. 5757.3
Proper Disposal of a Worn Sefer Torah NYP no. 5757.4
The Synagogue Thrift Shop and Shabbat NYP no. 5757.7
Reproving a Congregation for Violations of Tax LawNYP no. 5758.4
Loyalty to One's Company Versus Love for Israel NYP no. 5757.1
The Reform Rabbi's Obligations Toward the UAHC NYP no. 5758.1
Baby Naming for a Religiously-Mixed Lesbian Couple NYP no. 5758.2
In Vitro Fertilization and the Mitzvah of Childbearing NYP no. 5758.3
Transporting a Torah Scroll to a Private Bat Mitzvah Ceremony NYP no. 5758.9
Hatikvah and The Star-Spangled Banner NYP no. 5758.10
On Patrilineal Descent, Apostasy, and Synagogue Honors NYP no. 5758.11
Divorce of an Incapacitated Spouse NYP no. 5756.15
Reproving a Congregation for Violations of Tax Law NYP no. 5758.4
Conversion of a Person Suffering from Mental Illness NYP no. 5758.7
Medical Experimentation: Testing Drugs Made of Pork By-Products NYP no. 5758.8
Orthodox Minyan in a Reform Synagogue NYP no. 5758.12
Divorce and Legal Separation NYP no. 5758.13
May a Jew Married to a Gentile Serve as a Religious School Teacher? NYP no. 5758.14
Conversion for Adopted Children NYP no. 5759.1
Baptism and Jewish Status NYP no. 5759.2
Who Is a Rabbi? NYP no. 5759.3
Tattooing, Body-Piercing, and Jewish Tradition NYP no. 5759.4
The Second Festival Day and Reform Judaism NYP no. 5759.7
A Blind Person as a Witness NYP no. 5759.8
Compulsory Immunization NYP no. 5759.10
An Adopted Asian Child NYP no. 5760.9
Withholding Paternity Information from a Father NYP no. 5760.8
A Convert's Hebrew Name NYP no. 5760.6
Conversion When The Spouse Remains a Gentile NYP no. 5760.5
Gentiles and Jewish Mourning Rites NYP no. 5760.4
A Defective "Holocaust" Torah Scroll NYP no. 5760.3
Presumption of Jewish Identity NYP no. 5760.2
Copyright and the Internet NYP no. 5761.1
Donations to Synagogue by Messianic Jews NYP no. 5761.2
Rabbinical Autonomy and Collegiality NYP no. 5761.3
The Synagogue and Organized Labor NYP no. 5761.4
May A Jew Married to a Non-Jew Become A Rabbi? NYP no. 5761.6
Human Stem Cell Research NYP no. 5761.7
Proper Disposal Of Religious Texts NYP no. 5762.1
A Hebrew Name For A Non-Jewish Parent NYP no. 5762.2
Boycotts in the Name of Social Justice NYP no. 5762.4
Bar/Bat Mitzvah on a Festival NYP no. 5762.6
Preventive War NYP no. 5762.8
Solicitation of Synagogue Members by Other Jewish Organizations NYP no. 5763.1
Live Liver Transplantation NYP no. 5763.2
Hastening the Death of a Potential Organ Donor NYP no. 5763.3
Conversion of an Illegal Immigrant NYP no. 5763.4
Matriarchs In The Tefilah NYP no. 5763.6
Sharing the Synagogue's Membership List NYP no. 5763.7
Collection of Debts to the Congregation NYP no. 5764.1
May A Jew Join The Society of Friends? NYP no. 5764.3
Commitment Ceremonies For Heterosexual Couples; Jewish Wedding Ceremony in the Absence of a Civil Marriage License NYP no. 5764.4
Minimal Dues for Congregational Membership NYP no. 5764.5
May Non-Jews Participate in the Writing of a Torah Scroll? NYP no. 5765.1
Times for the Shacharit Service NYP no. 5765.2
Synagogue Dues Relief and Income Tax Returns NYP no. 5765.3
A Sex Offender in the Synagogue NYP no. 5765.4
May a Non-Jew Wear a Talit? NYP no. 5765.5
Including the Name of a Stepfather in One.s Jewish Name NYP no. 5765.8
Inheritance: How Much To Leave To A Child? NYP no. 5765.10
When A Parent Instructs A Child Not To Say Kaddish NYP no. 5766.1
When A Parent Requests Cremation NYP no. 5766.2
Hunger Strike: On the Force Feeding of Prisoners NYP no. 5766.3
Berakhah and Gender NYP no. 5767.1
Adoption, Conversion, and "Patrilineal" Descent NYP no. 5767.2
A Question of Disinterment NYP no. 5767.3
Two Questions Concerning Medical Treatment for End-of-Life Patients NYP no. 5768.1
On Human Genetic Modification NYP no. 5768.3
Caesarian and Circumcision NYP no. 5768.4
On Changing One's Jewish Name NYP no. 5768.5
Congregational Fund-raising on Shabbat NYP no. 5769.1
Annulling a Pledge to TzedakahNYP no. 5769.2
Tzedakah, Recession, and Social Policy NYP no. 5769.3
Patrilineal Descent, Conversion, and the Rejection of Circumcision NYP no. 5769.4
Funeral Service in the Sanctuary NYP no. 5769.5
Circumcision of a Transgender Female NYP no. 5769.6
Dissection and Cruelty to Animals NYP no. 5769.7
A Request to Omit the Funeral Service NYP no. 5770.6
Nuclear war C(1990) 170-175
Nuclear War CCARJ, Winter 1993, 51-56 (TFN no.5750.2 273-279)
Nursing home,
sending of parent to NRR 92-96
Nusah (mode),
ordinary or for High Holy Days NARR 104-105
and incurable cancer NARR 263-264
of office CoRR 279-280
consent for a (medical) NARR 236-237
validity of rabbinical (see Rabbinical)
annulling a Rabbi's RRT 232-237
of women, as Rabbis (see Women)
private TFN no.5753.4 133-140
who is a rabbi? RR21 no. 5759.3
Organ allocation, HAL vol.1, #3 April 1994/Nisan 5754, pp.3-5
Organ donation (see Body; Organs)
human, banks for XCVI(1986) 233-235 (CARR 128-132)
human, burial of (see Human organs)
circumcision of RRR 91-93
naming of RRR 91-93
Orthodox institutions,
Reform support for XCIX(1989) 240-242 (NARR 146-148)
(see also Gift/s, to organizations...)
Orthodox Jew,
as partner in firm being kept open on Shabbat (see Shabbat)
Orthodox Judaism
Orthodox minyan in a Reform synagogue RR21 no. 5758.12
fertilized, implant (see Transplantation)
Pall bearers,
women as (see Women, as pall bearers)
Pants suit,
lady's (see Women)
asked of the Dead (see Dead)
biological, and adopted children (see Adopted children, and...) children's support of CARR 44-45
child support and unexpected pregnancy 5772.3
responsibility of children to XCII(1982) 207-209 (ARR 139-141) sending to nursing home
     (see Nursing home)
withholding paternity information from a father RR21 no. 5760.8
Parokhet (Ark curtain) RR 62-65
embroidered name of God on CuRR 22-25 (includes discussion
of tashmishei mitsvah and tashmishei qedushah)
Passover (see Pessah)
choosing which one to save LXXVIII(1968) 111-118 (MRR 203-216; ARR 246-254)
dying (see Dying patient, Terminally Ill, Euthansia, Assisted Suicide)
elderly, who refuses dialysis XCIX(1989) 242-243 (NARR 259-262)
hospital, beyond recovery TFN no.5750.5 365-369
     (includes discussion of issues pertinent to euthanasia)
physician keeping truth from LXIV(1954) 80-81 (CCARJ, April 1954, 31-32; ARR 245-246)
     (see also Dying patient, informed...)
testing emergency medical procedures (on) without the consent of TFN no.5755.11 381-390
terminal, allowed to die (see Euthenasia)
Patrilineal descent XCIV(1984), 174-179 (CARR 61-68)
and a questionable background CARR 68-69
and a questionable instance of NARR 196-197
and apostasy RR21 no. 5758.11
and diets CARR 269-270
eighth day of on Shabbat, and Torah reading CuRR 42-43
Pesach Kashrut and Reform Judaism RR21 no. 5756.9
which spices prohibited on CoRR 287-289
blessing for JRJ, Summer 1988, 79-80 (NARR 127-128)
burial of CuRR 165-169
responsibility toward NARR 391-393
error by, damages for CARR 123-124
keeping truth from patient (see Patient, physician...)
and indigent patients TFN no.5754.18 373-380
Pidyon HaBen (redemption of the first-born son) JRJ, Winter 1989, 87-88 (NARR 188-190)
and kohanim NARR 191
possible, of second son RRT 266-270
Pidyon Sh'vuyim (freeing hostages/ransoming of captives)
     TRR 115-117; NARR 383-384
of Russian immigrants v. asbestos removal (an ethical dilemma) NARR 141-142
Pierced ears CARR 124-125
inert, as a permanent cosmetic CARR 22-23
synagogue (see Synagogue, plantings)
Plants or flowers on grave (see Grave)
Pornography CuRR 240-242
for couple contemplating mixed marriage (see Mixed marriage, prayer...)
assembling for school children by xeroxing NRR 213-218
     (includes discussion of Jewish copyright laws of haskamot;
see also Books, copyright and Competition, unfair for discussion of issues relating to haskamah and hasagat g'vul)
burning of old RR 71-74
Praying (see also T'fillot, propriety...)
with covered heads 209-218 (XXXVIII:1928, 589-603; ARR 8-21)
participating in t'fillot CuRR 88-90
of sex (see Sex)
Premarital counselling NARR 335
Priest (see Kohein)
for an adoption agency (see Adoption agency)
in charitable distribution (see Charitable distribution)
Gentile, and nazarite vow (see Nazarite vow)
of a convert (see Convert)
Privacy and the Disclosure of Personal Medical Information RR21 no. 5756.2
Professional secrecy,
and an illegal act CARR 5-7
lost NARR 393-394
Prophetic scrolls NARR 44-45
of using discarded practices in Reform services (see T'fillot, propriety...)
Proselyte (see Convert)
Proselytism (see Conversion)
halting t'fillot as a (see T'fillot)
Pulpit robes (see Robes)
of minors CARR 4-5
drums, at service NARR 120-121
origin of hamentaschen NARR 121-122
Purim torah (see Kashrut, of dinosaurs)
Putting small sticks in hands of deceased when placing in the grave (see Burial customs)
Pyrex dishes,
use of, for meat and milk 200-201 (XXIX:1919, 78-79; ARR 135-136)
Qaddish, ARR 377-379
convert reciting for deceased parents (see Convert)
for adoptive and biological parents TFN no.5753.12 201-207
for apostate LXVII(1957) 82-85 (RRR 132-138; ARR 387-390)
for born non-Jew LXVII(1957) 82-85 (RRR 132-138 (ARR 387-390)
for child RR 165-168
for father guilty of incest CARR 185-186
for first wife RR 162-165
for pet CARR 186-188
Gentile names on a TFN no. 5755.7 49
hiring someone to say CuRR 180-181
length of time for recital of 110-112 (XXIII:1913, 173-176; ARR 383-385)
omitting the, at burial TRR 99-102
reciting, for convicted criminal CARR 184-185
standing during recital of 197-198 (XXIV:1914, 152-153; ARR 380-383; 386)
three steps backward for RRR 217-219
when praying alone RRR 14-18
Qaddish list,
may a congregation cease reading the names TFN no.5753.18 43-48
Redemption of captives (pidyon shevuyim) TFN no.5753.5 321-326
titles on a ARR 379-380
congregational, individual wine cups at RRR 27-31
dispute over NRR 28-32
man's or woman's prerogative CARR 263-265
Q'ri'ah ribbon, RRT 279-281
for prayer (see Minyan)
at Christian ordination service CARR 250-252
at Moslem circumcision CARR 51-53
contributing to building fund RRR 215-216
disabled CARR 3-4
liability as counsellor NARR 379-381
malpractice suit against TRR 127-131
obligations of a Reform Rabbi toward the UAHC (URJ) RR21 no. 5758.1
officiating at Christian Scientist's funeral (see Funeral)
officiating at funeral of Jew in non-Jewish cemetery (see Funeral)
officiating at Jewish wedding with non-Jewish clergy LXXXVII(1977) 100-102 (ARR 474-477)
officiating at marriage of two non-Jews (see Marriage, of two...)
officiating at mixed marriage (see Mixed marriage; Reform rabbis)
officiating in a civil capacity NARR 356-357
responsibilty to the unaffiliated CARR 202-204
who is a rabbi? RR21 no. 5759.3
Rabbinic jurisdiction CARR 1-3
Rabbinical fees and salaries LXXVI(1966) 76-79 (CuRR 199-205; ARR 523-527)
Rabbinical opinions,
validity of 201-202 (XLII:1932, 82-84; ARR 522-523)
Rabbinical tenure CoRR 263-267
Raped woman,
marital rights of (see Woman)
Reading desk (almemar),
position of NARR 71-73
of an ex-nun CoRR 141-145
Red Cross,
identification card MRR 175-179
Reform Judaism,
and conversion (see Conversion at end of listings)
and divorce (see Divorce)
and get (see Divorce, get)
and mamzerut NRR 256-261
and mixed marriages (see Mixed marriage)
and spiritualism NRR 252-255
gifts to organization inimical to (see Gifts)
marriage formula (see Marriage, Reform formula)
Reform Rabbis,
and mixed marriage, "Responsa on Jewish Marriage: with special reference to Reform Rabbis and Mixed Marriage," Dr. Eugene Mihaly (Cincinnati, 1985: pamphlet)
prayers at CARR 173-174
Religious School,
dress code for CARR 46-47
Religious symbols,
walking across 226-227 (LXIII:1953, 153-154; ARR 68-69)
     RR 68-71
of Russian immigrants NRR 193-197
of widower NRR 198-201
to first husband RRR 163-167
Repayment of loan in foreign currency,
exchanged in another currency (see Loan)
CCAR Committee on; purpose, role and scope of LXVI(1956) 110-115
CCAR Committee on; report of LXXXVII(1977) 96-97; 103-105
     LXXXIX(1979) 108-110
contradictory NARR 381-382
Retarded adult,
uncircumcized, status of ARR 208-209
for disposal of damaged Sefer Torah (see Sefer Torah, ritual...)
Ritual objects,
selling to Jews for Jesus TFN no.5754.1 143-146
pulpit CARR 193
Rosh HaShanah,
cemetery work on NRR 37-40
in Israel, two days MRR 286-293
memorial service in cemetery on second day of RRT 57-62
Sabbath (see Shabbat)
Sacramental purposes,
fermented wine not required for (see Wine)
Sacred texts,
proper disposal of RR21 no. 5762.1
of synagogue (see Synagogue)
for HaMotsi (see HaMotsi)
applause in the TFN no.5751.2 37-38
naming of, after an individual NRR 7-10
New Year's party in TRR 25-27
operetta in NRR 11-16
at public services NARR 166-167
woman as a TFN no.5755.15 177-183
professional, and an illegal act (see Professional secrecy)
candles at Saturday night RRT 40-44
congregational RR 55-59
Esther and second RRT 303-305
wine, types of at CuRR 43-46
Sefer Torah,
burial of a CARR 170-171(see below `worn')
cantillation of the CCARJ, Fall 1975, 77-79 (CARR 230-232)
conditional loan of a NARR 215-218
covers for, white CuRR 18-21
     MRR 31-36
displayed permanently in a museum case NARR 218-220
(see below `in museum case...')
dividing up an unusable TRR 73-76
error in reciting blessings over (see Aliyah)
fasting if dropped CoRR 117-120
housed permanently in a Christian Church CARR 220-222
how to carry CuRR 38-41
in jails and asylums CuRR 77-80
in museum case or ark CoRR 110-114 (CCARJ, Winter 1975, 73-75)
mantle, fabric used in a ARR 110-112
marking a CARR 115-117
ownership of LXXXIV(1974) 50-53 (CoRR 104-109; ARR 106-110;
     compare with discussion in Memorial window)
ornamental binders for NARR 40-41
pasul, in ark CoRR 114-117
preserving a fragment of RRT 80-83
printed CARR 112-115
reading from defective scroll NYP no. 5760.3
reading of, without minyan TRR 39-41
repairing damaged 188-189 (XLVI:1936, 126-127; ARR 242-243)
ritual for disposal of damaged 189-190 (XXIV:1924, 74-75; ARR 243-244)
rollers for, changing the CuRR 36-38
sold, to support Rabbi RRT 245-249
transporting the XCVIII (1988) 160-161 (NARR 220-221)
transporting to a private bat mitzvah ceremony RR21 no. 5758.9
two brothers called up consecutively for aliyot to (see Aliyah)
unworthy man called up for an aliyah to (see Aliyah)
use of for fundraising CARR 232-233
use of wimpeln NARR 41-42
who shall read from 202-205 (XXIV:1924, 71-74; ARR 100-101)
woman called up for an aliyah to (see Aliyah)
     (see also Torah portion)
worn, ceremony for burial of NARR 309-310(see above `burial')
worn, proper disposal of RR21 no. 5757.4
lay or rabbinic NARR 58-60
Services (see T'fillot)
Se'udah havra'ah (meal of consolation, post-burial)
[see S'udah Havra'ah]
predetermination of 185-186 (LI:1941, 97-100; ARR 508-509)
Sexual proclivity,
of an MS patient TFN no.5750.9 371-72
Sexual relations,
between consenting adults, Jewish attitudes toward ARR 480-483
long-term non-marital relationships RR21 no. 5756.10
of a maturing child ARR 483-485
with regard to tsitsit RRT 296-299
adult Torah study on TRR 135-139
afternoon, Jewish studies on NARR 94-95
     (see also Synagogue, renting portion...)
and holiday gift wrapping project CARR 267-268
and poverty project CARR 265-267
annual meeting on TFN no.5751.5 97-100s discussion of huqqat ha-goyim)
athletics and sports in community center on RRT 11-15
Bar Mitzvah on afternoon of (see Bar Mitsvah)
blowing of shofar on (see Shofar)
caterer working in the synagogue on CuRR 225-226
comforting the bereaved on NRR 130-132
communal work on TFN no.5753.22 169-170
congregational meetings on RR 46-50
delayed b'rit milah on TFN no.5755.12 165-168
eighth day of Pessah on (see Pessah)
fundraising on NARR 97-98
lights, on table (see Lights)
lights, who is obligated to kindle (see Lights)
loaves, pre-sliced MRR 95-99
marriage on (see Marriage, on Shabbat; Wedding, on Shabbat...)
memorial service on RR 26-31
muggers and money on RRT 28-32
new synagogue worked on by non-Jews on (see Synagogue)
New Year's Eve party on, in the synagogue TFN no.5753.15 39-41(includes discussion of huqqat ha-goyim)
non-Jewish funerals on RRT 142-144
observance 223-225 (LXII:1952, 129-132; CCARJ, April 1953, 28-30; ARR 114-117)
Orthodox Jew as partner in keeping firm opened on 167-168 (XLII:1932,82-83; ARR 118-119)
presenting a check for tzedakah at Shabbat services RR21 no. 5756.4
prohibition against lighting a fire NARR 100-102
purification of dead body and dressing of in shroud done on RR 26-29
reading memorial list on (see Memorial list)
removing the dead on (see Dead, removing...)
school dance on RRR 32-36
synagogue gift shop open on RR 51-55
synagogue thrift shop open on RR21 no. 5757.7
synagogue tours on NARR 98-100
t'fillot, applause during TRR 31-34
wedding on (see Wedding, on Shabbat...; Marriage, on Shabbat)
Shabbat candles,
composition and size of CoRR 49-53
permissability on non-Jew lighting CARR 247-248
prekindled in synagogue RRT 9-10
why two, in the evening NARR 91-92
Shabbat candlesticks,
weekday use of CoRR 53-56
palm trees on NARR 115-117
school ceremonies on NARR 114-115
Sheitl CuRR 227-230
and quarreling family RRT 136-142
for a delayed funeral CARR 180-181
for apostate CuRR 181-183
in Jerusalem NRR 125-129 (includes discussion of problem of burial in Jerusalem and family observing shiv'ah in U.S.)
on Hol HaMo'ed Sukkot and Pessah CuRR 224-225
blowing, on (Rosh HaShanah) Shabbat XXIII:1913, 182-183 (ARR 119-121)
     XXXIII:1923, 60-61 (ARR 121-122)
RRR 36-41
extra, for kohein CoRR 276-278
Silent partners,
in a medical practice CARR 13-15
stones from, for decalogue tablets MRR 40-45
non-Jewish President of RRT 249-251
Small sticks,
putting in hands of deceased when placing in the grave (see Burial customs)
and halakhah Davar, 6/12/86
ban on, in the synagogue XCVI(1986) 232-233 (see also Synagogue, a ban...)
on TFN no.5753.23 331-335
Social hall,
of synagogue (see Synagogue)
Social services,
Jewish, basis for (see Jewish social services)
prerequisites for a NARR 213-215
Israeli, temporary burial of fallen (see Burial, temporary...)
wearing sword at wedding (see Wedding, soldier...)
of a clone CARR 32-34
of a person produced through CARR 32-34
Soviet Jews,
rumors about status of NARR 202-203
two, of doubtful descent XCIV(1984), 171 (CARR 92-93)
Space travel,
and halakha NRR 243-246
Spice box [for havdalah],
shape of NARR 103
tower (shape) NARR 102-103
which prohibited for Pessah use (see Pessah)
Sports (see Athletics and Sports)
in synagogue (see Synagogue)
Jewish, and mistaken identity CARR 71-72
Jewish, and the Ten Lost Tribes NARR 210-211
of a "Completed Jew" in the Jewish community JRJ, Winter 1985, 88-91 (CARR 109-112)
of adopted children (see Adopted children, status...)
of adoption (see Adoption, status...)
of child genetically not Jewish CARR 70-71
of children of mixed marriages (see Mixed marriage, children of)
of intermarried blended Soviet Jewish family CARR 94-95
of Russian immigrant couple with mixed background CARR 93-94
     (see also Soviet Jews)
of uncircumcized retarded adult (see Retarded adult)
pretense of Jewish NARR 212-213
marriage with (see Marriage, with step-aunt)
at Bar Mitzvah (see Bar Mitzvah, step-father called...)
Sterilization TRR 144-146
     NARR 238-239(includes discussion of p'ru u'r'vu)
for the "mentally challenged" 5771.1
of feeble-minded CoRR 74-77
of husband, to prevent `dangerous' pregnancy RR 206-208
Sterilized person,
marrying a (see Marriage, with a sterilized person)
S'udah Havra'ah TRR 97-99
and Huntington's disease XCIII(1983), 198-199 (CARR 135-136)
burial of a 35-37 (XXXIII:1923, 61-63; ARR 299-302)
dissuading a would-be CoRR 253-259
eulogy for a ARR 306-307
funeral services and mourning for LXIX(1959) 120-123 (ARR 302-306)
threatened, and confidentiality JRJ, Fall 1990, 59-63
threatened, and confidentiality TFN no.5750.3 283-288
and artificial fruit NRR 46-47
as a huppah CARR 271-272
congregational RR 60-62
decoration of, with fruits and vegetables JRJ, Summer 1985, 117-118 (CARR 272-273)
non-traditional TFN no.5755.4 91-96
permanent RRT 44-47
at ninety-six CARR 142-144
cosmetic LXXXVI(1976) 94-96 (RRT 287-290; ARR 544-546) TFN no.5752.7 127-132
dangers of, for correcting congenital craniofacial malformations CARR 126-128
Surgical transplant (see Transplantation)
Surrogate mother XCII(1982) 205-207 (ARR 505-507)
order of RRT 63-66
architecture CARR 207-210
ban on smoking in the CARR 19-20(see also Smoking)
building used by Church CoRR 44-48
cabaret groups in NARR 84-86
     (see below `secular music in')
concert mass in NARR 86-88
contribution of a criminal to CuRR 52-55
converted from funeral parlor RRT 145-147
deconsecration of (see Deconsecration)
decorations in the floor of a ARR 69-70
dedication (questions about) TRR 13-15
donations, names of donors on RR21 no. 5756.3
entrance and Ark, position of (see Ark)
extending the privilege of burial from the (see Burial, extending...)
family membership for unmarried couple TRR 8-10
gambling for benefit of (see Gambling)
gift shop open on Shabbat (see Shabbat, synagogue gift shop open on)
gift shop and non-Jewish customer NARR 395-396
honors XCVII (1987) 185-86 (NARR 8-10; includes discussion of principal of hazaqah)
in joint building with Unitarian Church CoRR 18-22
     NARR 82-83
     (see also Ark, permanent...)
menorah on the exterior of a NARR 89
menorah used as decoration for CARR 219
named after a rabbi CARR 211-212
naming a, after a donor TFN no.5751.1 7
New Year's Eve party in TFN no.5753.15 39-41
near cemetery RRR 41-47
non-Jewish officers of (see Sisterhood, non-Jewish President of )
non-Jewish parent as member of TFN no. 5755.10 77-79
orientation of ARR 61-63
Orthodox minyan in a Reform synagogue RR21 no. 5758.12
plantings and Christian legends CCARJ, Autumn 1977, 65-68 (CARR 213-216)
planting of trees NARR 90-91
pledges, collection of through civil courts (LXXI(1961) 127-129 (RRR 206-210; ARR 58-61)
portrait bust in MRR 184-187
portrait in a XCVIII (1988) 159-160 (NARR 80-82)
renting a portion of to a university NARR 95-97
     (see also Shabbat, afternoon...)
ritual, Gentile participation in TFN no.5754.5 55-76
sale of 196-197 (XXIX:1919, 85; ARR 76-78)
sale of, to Black Muslims CoRR 13-17
secular music in CuRR 33-36
     (see also Sanctuary, operatta in and Bimah; see above `cabaret groups in')
social hall of RR 75-78
statuettes in CoRR 127-130
support for by non-permanent residents NARR 63-65
tours, on Shabbat NARR 98-100
unfinished building, sanctity of RRR 210-214
video-taping in the (see Video-taping)
violations of tax law by RR21 no. 5758.4
windows, signs of zodiac on NRR 56-57
work on new, by non-Jews on Shabbat 205-207 (XXXVII:1927, 203-206; ARR 71-75)
     (see also Sanctuary)
Synagogue membership,
non-Jewish parent as member TFN no.5755.10 77-79
Tabernacles (see Sukkot)
Tagin TRR 142-144
and AIDS NARR 279-281
Takhrihim (linen shrouds),
or a garment NARR 278-279
and m'zuzah to non-Jews RRT 25-27
at an interfaith service NARR 18-19
bride and groom under MRR 294-301
congregational use, questions about XCVIII (1988) 162-163
for the dead and cremation MRR 269-274
in Reform service MRR 46-51 (see also T'fillot, propriety...)
mandatory wearing of, during aliyah (see Aliyah)
multicolored NARR 16-18
non-Jews and, HAL vol.3 #3, Spring/Summer 1996/5756 6-7
use of in a Reform congregation NARR 14-16
wearing a while conducting Shabbat evening service CARR 194
women wearing (see Women)
and burial TRR 119-121
tattooing, body-piercing, and Jewish tradition RR21 no. 5759.4
Tay-Sachs program TRR 47-51
(includes discussion of abortion for Tay-Sachs fetus)
may a Jew married to a Gentile serve as a Religious School Teacher? RR21 no. 5758.14
Temple board member,
accused of cheating TFN no.5754.17 289-296
Terminally ill,
treatment of the TFN no.5754.14 337-364
     (includes detailed discussion of issues pertinent to euthanasia)
against another Jew, in Civil court RRT 252-255
against a family member ARR 539-541
Test-tube baby, NRR 205-212
     CARR 29-30
(see also Artificial insemination; In vitro fertilization)
abbreviating CARR 196-197
body motions during NARR 25
Christian composer of music for NARR 31-32
direction of the reader during public CARR 192-193
fixed time for NARR 6-8
flags at (see Flags, national...)
halting, as a protest MRR 82-86
interfaith MRR 69-78
Israeli, Hebrew or English at NARR 10-12
Israeli melody used in NARR 30-31
language of TRR 139-142
language of for Shabbat lights v. hamotsi TRR 149-150
less than a minyan at (see Minyan)
non-denominational, with peace pipe NARR 133-135
on video TRR 15-18
participation of non-Jews in, on Shabbat evening NRR 33-36
     ARR 21-24
participation of non-Jews in, during mourning RR21 no. 5760.4
propriety of discarded practices at Reform LXV(1955) 88-90 (in ARR)
     (CCARJ, October 1954, 40-41; ARR 1-3)
     ARR 3-5, RR21 no. 5759.7, RR21 no. 5766.2
reciting with a Cantor MRR 18-23
seeing-eye dog at (see Blind person)
Shabbat, applause during TRR 31-34
televised, in a hospital NARR 26-27
times for the Shacharit service RR21 no. 5765.2
T'fillot (see T'fillah/T'fillot)
for admission to Yamim Nora'im Services, JRJ, Summer 1987, 73-75 (CARR 223-226)
Tipat dam NARR 171-172
use of RRT 50-56
argument over a RR21 no. 5756.7
colored NARR 297
exchanging of a LXXX(1970) 53-55 (CoRR 236-239; ARR 365-367)
fallen CARR 176-177
for scattered ashes NARR 307-309
in absence of body (cenotaph) LXXIV(1964) 101-104 (CuRR 141-144; ARR 362-365)
inscription of widow's name on first husband's NARR 300-301
insignia on a ARR 360-361
Isaiah verse on a NARR 299-300
lapse of time before setting 109-110 (XLII:1932, 84-85; ARR 358-359)
location of RRR 141-143 NARR 294-295
mandatory or not NRR 147-151
metal NARR 298
mother's name on son's LXXXVI(1976) 91-94 (RRT 116-123; ARR 367-371)
name missing on RRR 107-109
name of deceased on two CARR 181-182
names on a CARR 177-178
pebble on RRT 291-293
quick response codes embedded in 5773.4
setting of a ARR 359-360 CARR 175-176
Sh'ma as inscription on CARR 178
uniformity of RR 154-157
unmarked NARR 298-299
when to set TRR 117-119
with Christian markings JRJ, Winter 1988, 67-68 (CARR 179-180)
     (see also Cemetery; Grave)
wooden NARR 296
Torah (see Sefer Torah)
Torah blessings (see Aliyah, reciting...)
Yiddish NARR 39-40
Torah portion,
changing the HAL vol.2 #2, Feb. 1995/Adar 5755, pp.3-4
for eighth day Pessah, on Shabbat (see Pessah, eighth day...)
reading of, in the vernacular 193-195 (XXIII:1913, 167-170; ARR 94-100)
reading of, on Friday night MRR 14-17
reading of, for second day of Shavu'ot CARR 276-277
reading translated, verse by verse CoRR 40-44
Torah study,
adult, on Shabbat TRR 135-139
as head covering for prayer MRR 302-308
Transplant (see Transplantation)
Transplantation LXXVIII(1968) 118-121 (CuRR 118-125; ARR 291-296)
of baboon heart into a human TRR 107-109
of cornea of deceased person LXVI(1956) 104-107 (RRT 153-158; ARR 288-291)
of eyes of deceased person 226 (LXIII:1953, 152-153; ARR 287-288)
of kidneys NRR 62-66
of ovum RRT 215
     NRR 213-218 (includes discussion of resulting child's lineage)
of pig's heart valves MRR 217-222
selling human kidney for XCVI(1986) 244-245 (CARR 132-133)

Circumcision of a Transgender Female (5769.6)
Issues in the Conversion of Transgender People (5775.1)
Transgender and an Existing Marriage (5776.2)

officiating at marriage where on is a (see Marriage, where one is ...; and Transsexual surgery)
surgery for MRR 128-133
Transsexual surgery,
conversion and marriage after C(1990), 167-170 (JRJ, Spring 1991, 69-73) TFN no.5750.8 191-196
of Levi, emblem of (see Levi)
Humanistic congregation joining JRJ, Fall 1991, 55-63
obligations of a Reform Rabbi toward, RR21 no. 5758.1
qualifications for membership, Dr. Eugene Mihaly (Cincinnati, 1990: pamphlet)
support for the CARR 205-207
Rabbi's responsibility to the (see Rabbi, responsibility...)
non-Jewish, competing NRR 164-167
Undertaking business NRR 158-163
Unitarian Church,
in joint building with synagogue (see Synagogue)
Jewish member of a RRR 56-58
United Jewish Appeal,
at Kol Nidre (see Kol Nidre)
Unknown defect,
in building material (see Defect)
U'n'taneh tokef, RRT 300-302
Vasectomy CARR 292-293
reading of Torah portion in (see Torah portion)
in the synagogue CARR 197
all-night NARR 28-30
an inquiry about ARR 477-478
and the ketubah XCIV(1984) 165-166 (JRJ, Spring 1986, 79-82;
     CARR 279-282)
garnisheeing of (see Garnisheeing of wages)
nuclear C(1990) 170-175
nuclear C(1993) 51-56
preventive war NYP no. 5762.8
War games,
and Judaism HAL vol.4 #2 Winter 1997, 5757, pp.3-6
Wedding (Jewish),
and estranged parents NARR 337-338
before open Ark (see Ark, open during wedding)
borrowed ring used at RRR 178-182
breaking of glass at RRR 182-188 (see also J.Z. Lauterbach,
     "The Ceremony of Breaking a Glass at Weddings" in HUC Annual, vol. II, 1925, pp. 351-380)
bride and groom seeing each other on day of CARR 282
Cantor officiating at (see below under Rabbi's prerogative...)
ceremonies, dual XCIII(1983) 194-195
Christian music at XCIII(1983) 195 (CARR 289-290)
dual ceremonies CARR 284-285
El Malei Rahamim at a NARR 349-350
groom not seeing bride before RR 182-185 (see above `bride')
in a non-Jewish home XCII(1983) 199-200 (CARR 288-289)
interrupted by a funeral (see Funeral, interrupting...)
layman officiating at (see Marriage, performed without...)
minyan at ceremony CARR 283-284
necklace or ring at NARR 350-351
non-Jewish bridesmaids at (see Bridesmaids)
on Hol HaMo'ed and the Ten Days of Repentance NARR 345
on Hoshanah Rabbah RRR 170-172
on Shabbat, before Havdalah RRR 167-170
     (see also Marriage, on Shabbat)
on Tish'ah B'av RRR 173-178
on Yom HaSho'ah NARR 345-347
orchestra at a NARR 351-352
participation of non-Jewish clergy together with Rabbi LXXXVII(1977) 100-102 (ARR 474-477)
procedures, some questions on CARR 287-288
Rabbi's prerogative to officiate at LXV(1955) 85-88 (ARR 398-401)
soldier wearing sword at MRR 116-120
Siberian NARR 341-343
times when should not take place XXIII(1913) 179-180 (ARR 410-411)
where one is a transsexual (see Marriage, where one is a transsexual)
wine (type) to be used at NARR 132-133
without a license CoRR 98-103
     (see also Marriage)
Wedding ring TRR 150-152
West Bank,
demolishing homes in the, and the Halakhah, JRJ, Spring 1986, 59-61
Who is a Jew? (see Jew, who is a )
marriage with brother's (see Marriage, with brother's widow)
Widower's rights, CARR 147-148
who cannot bear children RRR 155-158
women's (see Sheitl)
demands of a CARR 12-13
living XCIX(1989) 235-238
Wimpeln (see Sefer Torah, use of wimpeln)
fermented, not required for sacramental purposes 94-99 (XXX:1920, 108-112; ARR 123-127)
substitute for under the huppah TFN no.5755.16 231-236
type used at wedding NARR 132-133
types of, at seder (see Seder)
as pall bearers TRR 77-79
as Rabbis, ordination of 168-184 (XXXII:1922; 50-51, 156-177; ARR 24-43 [and])
as scribe TFN no.5755.15 177-183
called up for an aliyah (see Aliyah)
doctor, as mohel (see Mohel)
raped, marital rights of RRT 216-220
returning to first husband (see Remarriage)
wearing pants suit CoRR 123-126 (includes discussion of beged ish)
wearing tallit LXXX(1970) 55-57 (MRR 52-56; ARR 5-8)
wearing wig (see Sheitl)
with heads covered in the synagogue NARR 23-25
Worship (see Praying)

                  form of the NARR 42-43
Yahrtseit ARR 393-395
                  bonfire NARR 332-333
                  candle, who is to light NARR 328-329
                  candles, two CARR 189-190
                  date, unknown, for a Holocaust victim NARR 330-331
                  dates, Hebrew NARR 333-334
                  educational value of 85 (XXIV:1914, 153; ARR 392-393)
                  for a brother CARR 188-189
                  for a child RR 165-168 (includes a discussion of the Qaddish)
                  for a non-Jew NARR 331-332
                  moving date of CARR 191
                  observance during leap year CARR 190-191
                  observance of, by widow who has remarried LXV(1955) 90 (ARR 395-396;
                                    see also Qaddish, for first wife)
                  observance of, in Jewish leap-year XCIV(1984) 170-171
                  observance of, not on the exact date TRR 67-70
                  secular date for RR 168-173
                                    (see also Mourning, Yizkor)
Yarmulke (see Praying)
Yibom (see Marriage, with brother's widow and Marriage, without halitsa)
                  and halitsa Shalhevet, Fall 1987, vol 34 # 12, pp. 11-13;21
                  during first year RR 177-178
Yom HaKippurim,
                  Bar Mitsvah on (see Bar Mitsvah)
                  "break-the-fast" NARR 106-107
                  memorial candles on CuRR 14-18
                  memorial lights/tablets on CARR 270
                  two days of NARR 105-106(includes discussion of two-day celebration of festivals)
Yom Tov,
                  burial on (see Burial, on Yom Tov)
                  marriage on (see Marriage, on Shabbat and Yom Tov)
                  school ceremonies on NARR 114-115
                  the second festival day (yom tov sheni) and Reform Judaism RR21 no. 5759.7
                  visiting cemetery on (see Cemetery, when to visit)
                  signs of the, on synagogue windows (see Synagogue, windows)