Resolution Adopted by the CCAR


Adopted at the Convention of the
Central Conference of American Rabbis

WHEREAS our Jewish commitment has moved us to work for the achievement of a just society; and

WHEREAS the CCAR has supported the efforts of all minority groups to achieve equality in education and employment; and

WHEREAS we applaud and identify with sincere efforts to rectify the ills and injustices that have long been part of our American social system,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that: We encourage the full and prompt implementation of the Affirmative Action Program as outlined in Executive Order #11246 of September, 1965. This order calls for business and educational institutions dealing with the government to take affirmative action to increase the numbers of minority group members and women in their programs.
We recognize that this order with its subsequent revisions of October, 1968 and October, 1972 recognizes that to maintain the status quo in education and employment is to perpetuate historic injustices. At the same time, these executive guidelines prohibit so-called reverse discrimination against any individual because of race, religion, or sex.
Only by acting vigorously to expand education and employment opportunities for all, may the gap between rich and poor be narrowed and equal opportunity for all be guaranteed. The enemies of the American Jew are not other minority groups, but rather poverty, discrimination, and economic chaos. Not to take from one group and give to another but to broaden opportunities for all should be our national objective.
In this spirit we pledge our continued support for all efforts to rectify the social ills which are still in our midst, in keeping with the mandate of our Jewish tradition.