Resolution Adopted by the CCAR


Adopted at the Convention of the
Central Conference of American Rabbis

At this historic moment, when the head of the Soviet Communist Party is engaged in conversations and negotiations with the President of the United States, we, the members of the CCAR, in convention assembled, reaffirm our commitment to our Jewish brethren who remain in the Soviet Union, unable to leave and afraid to live openly as Jews.

We are appalled by the continued arrest of so-called "activists" who are unjustly put in prisons, accused of what are euphemistically called "Zionist Activities."

We are dismayed that the Soviet Union has chosen to require that abnormally large sums of money be paid by those seeking to emigrate, in order to procure an exit visa. We are repulsed by the tactic which places those who apply for exit visas in what amounts to an economic and political limbo by prohibiting them from working gainfully while, at the same time, holding them culpable for being unemployed. We beseech the President of the United States to use his good offices at this politically propitious moment to intervene with the head of the Communist Party on behalf of the Jews of the Soviet Union.

We appeal to the Soviet government, through its leaders, to respond to the pleas of the Jews of the USSR, and ask that they be permitted to leave the USSR without the horrible political and economic harassment to which they have been subjected. In particular, we call for immediate repeal of the heinous Exit Tax.

We further appeal for the immediate release of the many who now languish in Soviet prisons, accused of "Zionist activities."

We call upon our Rabbinic colleagues to institute and to strengthen programs within their Synagogues and communities which will serve to keep information flowing to their constituents and which will motivate Jews outside of the USSR to work for the salvation of Soviet Jewry-- independently and in co-operation with those agencies and organizations which concern themselves with Soviet Jewry.