Resolution Adopted by the CCAR

Jews in Arab Lands

Adopted by the CCAR at the 85th Annual Convention of
the Central Conference of American Rabbis

WHEREAS, Jews in Syria and Iraq are required to live without those safeguards and freedoms which the loyal native born assume in all civilized nations; and

WHEREAS, the murder of four Syrian Jewish women this very week gives evidence that this is not a thing of the past; and

WHEREAS, a proper concern for the respect of the rest of this world is zealously demonstrated by all nations through their various embassies and public information offices;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Central Conference of American Rabbis proclaims its support of a program to accomplish three goals for the Jews of Syria and Iraq:

1. To provide for free emigration from Syria and Iraq and indeed all nations for Jews who wish to leave for whatever reason;

2. To provide freedom of movement, education, and employment for Jews who do not wish to leave their homes in Arab lands for whatever reason;

3. To provide a healthier outlook for Jewish children attending Jewish schools paid for with Jewish money by insisting that Jews be permitted the necessary higher education which will qualify them as teachers of Diaspora Jewry.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the above be accomplished by programs of education led by our Rabbis and laity; that no school teachers, political leaders, or newspaper readers shall be permitted the luxury of ignorance of the fear for life and constant degradation and abuse which hound the Jews of Syria and Iraq whether by official decree or as a result of official indifference--to the end that we, each congregational member and leader, know the sweet news of having saved his entire world through the avenue of having saved one human life.