Resolution Adopted by the CCAR


Digests of resolutions adopted by the
Central Conference of American Rabbis
between 1889 and 1974

It is impossible for the national staff members of the UAHC Department of Education to serve and to maintain close personal communication with all the congregations of the Reform Movement, although the need for such service is indispensable and urgent.

The Commission on Jewish Education therefore urges the appointment of regional directors of education, in addition to regional consultants connected with local Bureaus of Education, to carry out the following functions:

  1. Coordinate school programs in the regions.

  2. Encourage the development of full academic programs for the senior high school years.

  3. Maintain a placement service, in conjunction with NATE, for educators and principals.

  4. Help in the dissemination of curricular materials prepared by the Commission on Jewish Education.

  5. Promote and implement the programs of the national department.

  6. Provide professional growth programs for teachers, educators, and administrators.

  7. Organize conferences and institutes on Jewish education for teachers.

  8. Visit and guide schools not serviced by Reform consultants connected with local Bureaus of Education.

  9. Meet with religious school boards and committees to clarify their functions and to discuss their specific as well as general problems and needs. (1969, p. 145)