Resolution Adopted by the CCAR


Resolution adopted at the 111th Convention of the
Central Conference of American Rabbis
March, 2000


Nearly one year ago, Iranian authorities arrested a group of thirteen Jews, including a sixteen-year-old boy, on the unfounded accusation of being spies for Israel. Indeed, it seems that the only "crime" committed by these persons was studying Hebrew. They have been jailed since their arrest.


RESOLVED, that the Central Conference of American Rabbis expresses its grave concern for the fate of thirteen Iranian Jews, imprisoned without evidence or clearly specified charges, and threatened with the death penalty, and

FURTHER RESOLVED, that at a time of crossroads and opportunities in U.S. - Iranian relations, we call upon the Iranian authorities to permit those charged to receive competent and fair legal representation, and a fair trial on clear charges, or in the absence of a fair and timely trial, to be released immediately, and

FURTHER RESOLVED, that in pursuing this case, we call upon the Iranian authorities to abide by internationally recognized protocols of justice and due process.