Resolution Adopted by the CCAR


Adopted by the CCAR at the 93rd Annual Convention of
the Central Conference of American Rabbis
New York City, June 27-July 1, 1982

The Central Conference of American Rabbis stands by Israel in its struggle for survival. The present crisis in Lebanon is the result of the role of the PLO as a terrorist organization, whose acts of violence threaten the lives of the peoples of both Israel and Lebanon. These assaults were clearly intolerable, and Israel was forced to respond so as to secure its towns and villages from bombardment and from terrorist infiltration.
We commend the United States Government for its sensitivity to the needs of the Israeli and Lebanese peoples in this situation, and we urge strongly the continuance of existing policies which offer a realistic hope for peace.
We lament the tragic loss of life on all sides in Lebanon. The horrors of war remain forever deep and abiding. The shattering of lives, limbs, and homes grieves us all. We call upon all sides to act now so as to make certain that such suffering be ended by extending the cease-fire. We urge all parties to the conflict to continue these negotiations facilitated by U.S. Ambassador Habib so as to seize the moment and to work for the formation of a strong and stable central government in Lebanon freed from the presence of all foreign troops on its soil.
The Conference urges support for efforts under Jewish and non-Jewish auspices which are now seeking funds within our communities so as to provide food, medical supplies, and shelter for the people of Lebanon who are the victims of war.
This is a time appropriate for new and far-reaching peace initiatives.