Resolution Adopted by the CCAR


Digests of resolutions adopted by the
Central Conference of American Rabbis
between 1889 and 1974

1. We urge CCAR members to support the UJA and Bonds for Israel. (1953, p. 194)

Israel requires the aid of the American Jewish community in meeting the task of integrating hundreds of thousands of destitute newcomers into its life and in achieving economic self sufficiency. The whole area of Israel's economy must be progressively enlarged. This purpose is envisaged in Israel's Development Budget. Funds invested through Israel bonds are essential for this purpose. Such financial investment carries with it investment in the intangibles of Jewish security, dignity and freedom.

The Central Conference of American Rabbis calls upon its members, in addition to such support as they may render to the UJA and other authorized philanthropic causes on behalf of Israel, to lend their aid in support of Israel bonds. (1955, p. 114)

2. The generosity of American Jewry in its moral and financial support of the State of Israel stands as an achievement of unprecedented magnitude.

While we may not have fulfilled completely the Maimonidean precept to "assist the reduced fellow man, either by a considerable gift, or by a loan of money or by putting him in the way of business so that he may earn an honest livelihood we have not been unresponsive to its demand.

Nevertheless, much remains to be done.

The State of Israel continues to require the financial aid of the American Jewish community, through both the free gift and the investment of our fiscal resources.

We are particularly mindful that the Israelis pay the highest taxes of any people in the world. Despite this, they cannot yet provide the means to sustain the full needs for their country's economic development. Neither can they finance adequately the construction of needed new housing, nor create sufficient economic opportunities for their citizens, as well as for those still struggling to emigrate from lands of oppression to new lives of freedom in that blessed land. To aid in that development, the Israel Bond organization, which during the past two decades has become the major source of large-scale funds for the growth and expansion of Israel's economy, is now called upon to raise the unprecedented sum of $400,000,000 or 75% of the current development budget of $547,000,000.

We, therefore, reiterate our unqualified support for the Israel Bond Campaign. We particularly urge our members to enroll as active participants in the National Rabbinic Cabinet of the Israel Bond Corporation, and to encourage their congregations and congregants to purchase Israel Bonds annually.

To that end, we urge each of our members at least annually to conduct an Israel Bond function within each of their congregations, to stimulate investment of a part of their congregational funds in Israel Bonds and continuously to educate themselves and their constituents to the various ways Israel Bonds may be acquired. Such financial investment carries with it investment in the intangibles of Jewish security, dignity and freedom. (1971, p. 39)

3. We call on our congregations and communities in the coming months to enlarge their programs for Israel Bonds and the United Jewish Appeal, so that we may help make the approaching Twenty fifth Anniversary an occasion for the celebration of peace and progress for Jews in Israel and America. (1972, p. 96)

4. See United Jewish Appeal, Sec. 1 (1953).