Resolution Adopted by the CCAR

Adopted by the 108th Annual Convention of the
Central Conference of American Rabbis

June, 1997

The Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR), in addressing pressing issues of Israel's peace and security, has spoken unambiguously over the years in support of Israel's quest for peace, in favor of the "land for peace" formula in pursuit of that goal, and on behalf of the continuation of Jerusalem as a united city under Israel's sovereignty. The Conference has been critical of all forces that have sought Israel's destruction.

In recent years, our concerns have focused on Palestinian Arab terrorist violence, the propaganda campaign to delegitimize Israel diplomatically and economically and the continuation of Jerusalem's status as the undivided capital of Israel. Given these considerations, we have greeted the Oslo Accords, the treaty with Jordan and the Hebron agreement (with its Note of Understanding) with enthusiasm and renewed hope for progress toward a secure and honorable peace, a goal which has eluded Israel throughout its nearly 50 years of independence.

Thus we have been dismayed by the deterioration of the peace negotiations between the Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority since the accession of the Likud-led coalition; although we have strong reservations about the timing and the wisdom of some of Prime Minister Netanyahu's tactical decisions, such as the building of Har Homa, at this juncture CCAR expresses its solidarity with the people of Israel in their quest for peace with security.

We share in Israel's mourning for the deaths of their children: the soldiers in the helicopters that crashed, the junior high school girls from Beit Shemesh gunned down on the Island of Peace, and the victims of the suicide bombing of a Tel Aviv cafe. Israel's grief is ours. We restate our prayer that the God will comfort all the mourning families.

"The CCAR urges the government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority to adhere to the principles of reciprocity agreed to in the Hebron Accords. Without good faith the entire process fails."

"The CCAR commends the United States Government for its support of the peace process and urges the President and his administration to remain vigorously engaged in the search for peace through negotiations."

Finally, we pray for peace for Israel and her neighbors. May the vision of a secure and honorable peace be embraced by all the children of Abraham.