Resolution Adopted by the CCAR

Israel's Security

Adopted by the 101st Annual Convention of
the Central Conference of American Rabbis
Seattle, Washington, June 1990

WHEREAS the security of the State of Israel is of paramount concern to Israelis, to Jews, and to people of good will everywhere, and

WHEREAS security ultimately involves physical security: secure and recognized borders, peaceful relations with neighboring states and domestic tranquility; the maintenance of a just society: citizen rights, sincere and energetic efforts to move toward peace, therefore


1. The Central Conference of American Rabbis reaffirm its support for Israel and the democratic principles enunciated in its Declaration of Independence, and

2. The CCAR call upon the media to report accurately on Israel matters, recognizing the distorting potential of coverage and its ability to influence public opinion among Americans upon whose good will Israel depends, and to be careful to avoid judgments that may be based on inappropriate standards, and

3. The CCAR reaffirm its long-standing view that true security for Israel can only result from the acceptance of the principles of mutual recognition of the right of self-determination, territorial compromise, and renunciation of violence. We applaud efforts of the United States government to encourage the peace process, and

4. The CCAR reaffirm its support for groups in Israel that monitor human rights issues, foster good inter-group relations, and serve to protect Israel's public conscience: the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC), the Rabbinic Human Rights Watch, Interns for Peace, and Betselem, among others and

5. The CCAR call upon people to carefully separate criticism of an Israeli government action from an attack on Israel's very legitimacy as a nation state.