Resolution Adopted by the CCAR

Action for Israeli MIAs

Adopted by the 104th Annual Convention of
the Central Conference of American Rabbis
Montreal, Quebec, June 1993

WHEREAS, Zecharia Baumel, Zvi Feldman and Yehuda Katz were captured in 1982 and Ron Arad was captured in 1986, and

WHEREAS, the fate of these members of the Israeli Defense Forces has never been determined, and

WHEREAS, there have been persistent reports that some or all of these missing Israelis are being held by Islamic Fundamentalists with connections to Iran and/or Syria, and

WHEREAS, the families of these MIAs should not be condemned to the continuing anguish of not knowing the fate of their loved ones;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the CCAR calls upon the governments of the U.S. and Canada to use their good offices in whatever ways possible to determine the fate of these MIAs and to secure their release if they are still alive or the return of their remains if they are not.