Resolution Adopted by the CCAR

Law of Return

Adopted by the CCAR at the 100th Annual Convention of
the Central Conference of American Rabbis
Cincinnati, Ohio June, 1989

WHEREAS in 1988, in Jerusalem the Central Conference of American Rabbis resolved that "all converts to Judaism must be registered upon application as Jews under the Law of Return," and called upon "the leaders of the Government of Israel to continue to make certain that the laws of the State, and the rulings of its Supreme Court, are duly and faithfully implemented"; and

WHEREAS there are new cases pending of converts to Judaism who are being denied their rights under the Law of Return; and

WHEREAS subsequent to the Israeli election of 1988 the need to form a government threatened to compromise the Law of Return as it now stands,


1. the CCAR offer its support and appreciation to that broad-based coalition of 26 Jewish organizations which formed to express united opposition to the proposed amendment. This coalition was uniquely qualified to speak to the needs of Kelal Yisrael. We urge that this coalition continue to study the issues and to coordinate strategies for the defense of Jewish religious rights in Israel; and

2. the CCAR express its outrage with those in the leadership of both major parties in Israel for contemplating an amendment to the Law of Return in exchange for the power to govern. We call upon ARZA, KADIMA, and ARZENU to strengthen their efforts to establish working relationships and growing dialogue with a broad spectrum of Israeli leaders. We call upon CCAR members, their synagogues, and organizations throughout North America to articulate this position to Israeli visitors to local communities; and

3. the CCAR call upon leaders of the Reform movement to support all moves on the local, national, or international levels, to stimulate productive dialogue among Orthodox, Conservative, Reconstructionist, and Reform rabbis with regard to questions of personal status, and

4. the CCAR commend the UJA/Federation community for its highly effective efforts to defeat moves to amend the Law of Return.