Resolution Adopted by the CCAR

Israel, V

Adopted by the CCAR at the 98th Annual Convention of
the Central Conference of American Rabbis

It is part of the Reform Zionist dream that our people be truly permitted to flourish as an Am Chofshi be-artsenu . That freedom, however, must not be limited to members of one group within the Israeli population, for surely no single person can be free if limitations are placed upon others without concern for due process or for human rights.
Upon due application, and following accepted procedures, permission was granted to the Church of Latter Day Saints to build a Mormon Center in Jerusalem, and construction was started at an approved site on Mount Scopus. The prospect of a Mormon Center in Jerusalem outraged and anguished those who would see the facility as becoming a covert center from which efforts would be directed to convert Jews to the Mormon faith.
As a conference of rabbis, we certainly would oppose the Mormon Church taking advantage of the openness of Israeli society so as to use the Mormon Center for conversionary activities. We accept with gratitude assurances from the sponsoring Church that such a use is not contemplated and that it would not be permitted.
We strongly oppose the efforts of those who have taken to the streets, at times with threats of terror, in their efforts to block construction and to halt the opening of the Center. Israeli society must retain its democratic core and focus. We would be deeply distressed if any official efforts were made to limit the activities of any religious organization in Israel or elsewhere, so long as that organization is committed to respectful relationships with its counterparts and so long as that organization pledges non-interference in the activities, programs and personal lives of all those who do not choose to follow their faith.
We will share in a watchful concern that the Mormon Center remains what it is designed to be: a place of program and study but not of outreach.