Resolution Adopted by the CCAR

Registration and the Draft

Adopted by the CCAR at the 93rd Annual Convention of
the Central Conference of American Rabbis
New York City, June 27-July 1, 1982

Whereas we have previously recognized the right of both conscientious objection and selective conscientious objection to war; and

Whereas registration at this time is unnecessary; and

Whereas, believing that the costs of such an action draw funds from needed social, educational, and economic programs that will make for social betterment,

Resolved, that the Central Conference of American Rabbis opposes the inauguration or implementation by our government of any national draft at this time. Similarly, we oppose the idea of registering our youth at this time for some future draft. We believe that should there arise some national emergency necessitating the mobilization of our population, sufficient techniques exist by which to effect that mobilization.

Further resolved, that we urge our colleagues to provide counseling services to interested and affected individuals, and to advertise widely this service in and through the community, so that Jewish youth particularly might know where they might go for counseling that is based on the Jewish religious tradition.