Resolution Adopted by the CCAR


Adopted by the 107th Annual Convention of the
Central Conference of American Rabbis
March, 1996

The Central Conference of American Rabbis mourns the passing of its beloved Honorary President, Dr. Jacob Rader Marcus (z"l), our teacher and our rabbi, only a few months short of his 100th birthday. Even in our loss, we celebrate his achievements that have brought honor to our Conference, to our rabbinic calling, and to the American Jewish community. With the Prophet Jeremiah (31:6), "we sing with gladness for Jacob."

* We are enriched by his impressive scholarly achievements. As an author, he wrote or edited over 250 scholarly articles and more than 30 volumes. His vast writings represent his rich legacy for American and world Jewry, whose History he proudly illuminated in his teaching and writing. Our own history is anchored in the jewel of his creation, the American Jewish Archives which he founded (1947) and directed as a significant force and the central repository of knowledge in the study of American Jewish life.

* We are strengthened by his energetic zeal for our College-Institute, on whose faculty he faithfully served for 75 years until his death; he was a teacher who was passionate about his art, and who truly fulfilled the rabbinic mission to "raise up a multitude of disciples," a true rabbi to his "boys" who spanned several generations.

* We are motivated by the great love of the Reform rabbinate that was manifest in the life and work of Dr. Jacob Rader Marcus. In our own Conference, as chair of the Committee on Contemporary History and Literature, officer, President (1951-1953), and then Honorary President, our teacher continued to guide and shape the rabbinate. Grateful for the many lives he guided, for the direction he offered to colleagues of every generation, for his practical wisdom, and for his characteristic devotion to both the cause and the people of the Reform rabbinate, we recognize the immeasurable contribution that he has made to Reform Judaism.

* We are guided by his example of service to the Jewish community beyond our own positions, as helped to shape the Jewish Publication Society, the American Jewish Historical Society, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Cincinnati, several other organizations, and our own Conference through numerous positions of leadership.

* We are inspired by his example of community leadership, by his practical sense of change and of new challenges, by his penetrating insight into people that helped him see the present as clearly as he viewed history.

* We are fortified by the life long examples of his optimism and his pragmatism, his love of study and his love of people, his energy and the spirit that animated his work.

We, the members of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, are indeed forever grateful to be Dr. Jacob R. Marcus' disciples, and each of us, part of his larger family. Celebrating the blessing of his life and of his memory, we are mindful of the legacy of learning and of achievement that he has bequeathed to us, and of the responsibility to carry on his work, deepening our commitment to the finest values by which he lived his life and shaped so many of our lives.