Resolution Adopted by the CCAR


Digests of resolutions adopted by the
Central Conference of American Rabbis
between 1889 and 1974

1. We urge our country to recognize the Soviet Republics and help improve general international relationships. (1933, p. 56)

2. We express our sympathy to Russia for the severe losses they have sustained in the defense of their fatherland. We hail the Russian government for its outlawry of all forms of racial discrimination and for its uncompromising antipathy to fascism. We hope that after victory all the United Nations may build together a just and enduring peace for all mankind. (1943, pp.149-50)

3. We deplore the capitalization of our differences with Russia by anti-Russian elements. We are not in agreement with the Russian government on some of its international and domestic policies, but we believe that we must learn to cooperate with Russia to maintain the peace of the world. Good will between America and Russia is indispensable to international peace. (1945, p.117)

4. See also Communism.

5. See Freedom of Religion, Sec. 1 (1953).

6. See Soviet Union, Sec. 2 (1956).

7. See Soviet Jewry.