Resolution Adopted by the CCAR


Adopted at the 106th Annual Convention of the
Central Conference of American Rabbis
Jerusalem, Israel
March, 1995 / Adar II, 5755


As the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Zionist movement approaches, the CCAR is preparing a statement on Reform Zionism. This effort, initiated by our colleague, Stanley Davids, is being conducted under the auspices of ARZA. Rabbi Davids' commitment to this issue deserves our unreserved commendation. His persistence in creating the necessary programmatic applications has brought us to our current position. To date, a formal think tank has been convened. It was followed by papers presented at the 1993 UAHC Biennial and the 1994 CCAR convention. Two issues of the Journal of Reform Zionism have been published, containing these papers as well as related essays. A first draft of a statement reflecting this preparatory work has been prepared by Rabbi Dov Marmur for a tripartite committee representing the UAHC, the CCAR and HUC-JIR; it is chaired by Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch.

Simultaneously, the UAHC has established a Task Force on Reform Zionist Education, chaired by Rabbi Donald Berlin. Its primary task is to inculcate love for and deep commitment to the State of Israel, to encourage our students to travel to Israel, to study in Israel and to spend time living in Israel, thus giving vital expression to ahavat tziyon, one of the central values of Reform Judaism. A second UAHC Task Force, on Teaching Hebrew, chaired by Frances Perlman, is seeking to develop in Reform Jews literacy in Hebrew, recognizing the profound links among language, land and people.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, THAT the CCAR commend the work of these bodies, both as process and vision. We laud the energetic inspiration of Rabbi Stanley Davids and we call upon all our members to fully integrate the results of these efforts into their teachings and institutional programs.

NOTE: This resolution is not yet final, as a subsequent text shows numerous corrections not yet incorporated here