Resolution Adopted by the CCAR


Digests of resolutions adopted by the
Central Conference of American Rabbis
between 1889 and 1974

1. The Central Conference of American Rabbis calls upon its members individually to exert the fullest measure of rabbinic leadership so that their congregations may establish with all possible speed a full integrated program of Jewish religious education for their high school youth, incorporating both a complete high school department and an active youth group. (1959, p. 152)

2. The Central Conference of American Rabbis urges its members to recognize the high priority that needs to be given to programs and activities for the young people of our movement. We recommend to our colleagues that the youth activities of the congregation deserve renewed and continued rabbinic interest on both the high school and college level.

We, therefore, recommend that since regional activities represent the focal point of need, a rotating system be established which involves each of our colleagues in at least one regional conclave or related activity in the course of a year, and that calendars of youth regions be set after consultation with rabbis to provide for most effective rabbinic involvement. Realizing the immense pressure on every rabbi, such a system would equalize responsibilities and place little added burden on any one individual. (1969, p. 147)