Passed in 1889-1974
Elliot L. Stevens and Simeon Glaser, Editors


The resolutions adopted by the Central Conference of American Rabbis represent the evolutionary changes in its stands on many political, social, economic, and humanitarian issues.

Since its inception in 1889, the Conference has not hesitated to speak out on issues of the widest scope and significance, always seeking to elucidate current problems according to its interpretation of the voice of prophetic Judaism.

This volume does not include every resolution passed by the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the editors of this edition having omitted resolutions of only passing or internal interest. Unlike the booklet Justice and Peace (CCAR, 1956), however, which contained resolutions proposed by the Commission on Justice and Peace from 1917 through 1956, this volume includes every important resolution adopted by the Conference since 1889.

Following each resolution, the reader will find references to the Yearbooks of the CCAR, as well as a system of cross references to other related resolutions. As resolutions are adopted in subsequent years, their addition to this book will provide an ongoing record of Conference positions, as well as reveal areas where further movement is indicated.

We would like to express our appreciation to Rabbis Alfred L. Friedman and Harry Essrig for the original work of indexing and editing much of this material in 1956, and to the Union of American Hebrew Congregations for their assistance in printing the current edition.